To start the “second spring” of life and get through the middle-aged crisis, this is what a man should do to get rid of depression

The back waves of the Yangtze River pushed the front waves, and the front waves died on the beach. Young men who used to be high-spirited and full of ideals have now all become middle-aged men who are choked by fate and almost roll their eyes. As I grow older, it seems that I have not earned anything other than harvesting the trembling pork belly around my waist. Instead, I am in debt.

Justice will not be late, nor will a man’s midlife crisis. Once a man enters middle age, everything seems to stagnate and even show signs of decline. Is there really a way to survive the midlife crisis and welcome the “second spring” of life?

The answer is: It is not realistic for middle-aged men to live a completely carefree and happy life, but they must believe that they have the tiny power to change their lives. The allusion of the opposite direction tells us that choosing the right direction is more important than hard work, so you might as well try the following directions.

  1. Choose small powder, bring new changes

Once a man is over thirty, he needs Facing a cliff-like decline in his sexual ability. According to the “Healthy China·Happy Era Blue Book”, close to the average Chinese men suffer from erectile dysfunction, which is commonly known as impotence.

Affected by traditional ideas, many men are ashamed to say that they are “no good”. Some affect the relationship between husband and wife, and some even lead to family breakdown.

Only by taking correct measures to solve the problem of boob dysfunction can we reap the “second spring” of life. Sildenafil is the first-line drug for clinical treatment of erectile dysfunction. Taking Kingosildenafil Small Powder Tablets one hour before the apricot life can protect the apricot life.

1. Cultivate new hobbies without worries

Life is so difficult, why worry? You might as well pick up the fishing rod and go to the fish pond. Someone once joked with a little sarcasm: “Fishing is the ultimate hobby of middle-aged men.” As everyone knows, it is the great wisdom for men to cultivate new hobbies to survive the middle-aged crisis.

After the age of thirty, the testosterone level in the body will gradually decrease with age, and spending more time alone to do things you like is beneficial to the testosterone level recovery. A person’s mental state is closely related to the level of testosterone. When the testosterone level is restored, the mental state of middle-aged men will also take on a new look.

Cultivating new hobbies and fiddling with new objects can help men temporarily escape from the bitterness of reality, fill the void in their hearts, and ultimately help men succeed Get through your midlife crisis.

2. Reconcile with yourself and live a more harmonious life

The relationship between happiness in this life and age is The relationship is a U-shaped curve, and the age group in their thirties to forties is the age group with the lowest sense of happiness. That said, middle age may really be the unhappiest phase of most people’s lives.

When I was young, my heart was higher than the sky. After entering the society for more than ten years or even decades, I realized that I was just an ordinary person. words that have nothing to do with them.

Wang Xiaobo said in “Golden Age”: “Life is a slow process of being hammered. People grow old day by day, and their extravagant hopes disappear day by day, and finally become suffering. It’s like a hammered cow.”

When a person reaches middle age, with the gradual growth of age and rich experience, the wisdom of life should gradually increase , No longer limited by the “success” defined by the world.

Learn to reconcile with yourself, learn to be a mature person, and treat yourself, others, and life with the most sincere attitude, in order to gain a stable sense of happiness.

How should middle-aged men survive the midlife crisis? What do you think? Tell me in the comment section!