Notice! These road sections in Liaocheng are set to be strictly controlled

In order to maintain the order of road traffic and protect the safety of people’s lives and property, the Dongchang Prefecture Traffic Police Brigade decided to set the sections below the jurisdiction as strictly controlled sections.

1. Jingyi Road (New South Ring Road – Weisan Road)

Second, Jinger Road (New South Ring Road – Weiyi Road)

3. Liuyuan South Road (Songgui Street-New South Ring Road)

4. Qingping Street (Liuyuan Road-Pingyuan Road)

Publicity time: November 23, 2022 to 2022 November 27

Strictly control traffic violations

Strictly control and investigate motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles Traffic violations such as running red lights, going the wrong way, illegally parking, not following the prescribed lane, illegally carrying people, and unlicensed motorcycles.

Strict Control Measures

From November 28, 2022, the traffic management department of the public security organ will strictly follow the The relevant provisions of the “Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China” and “Regulations for the Implementation of the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China” strictly investigate and control the above-mentioned key traffic violations by means of on-site investigation and corrections and capturing evidence with traffic technology monitoring equipment.

The general public is requested to consciously abide by laws and regulations, participate in traffic in a civilized manner, regulate driving and parking, and abandon bad traffic habits. Create a safe, civilized, smooth and orderly road traffic environment.

Source: Dongchang Provincial Traffic Police Brigade