Hundreds of common clinical diseases and syndromes (44) – the battle of sweat syndrome and commonly used medicines and prescriptions for sweat

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Sweat certificate

Sweating disorder, a syndrome of abnormal sweat leakage. It is mainly caused by the imbalance of yin and yang in the human body, the disharmony between camp and health, and the unfavorable opening and closing of pores. Sweat syndrome is a common clinical syndrome, which can appear alone or as one of the symptoms of other diseases. Sweating syndrome can be divided into spontaneous sweating, night sweating, absolute sweating (or sweating), yellow sweating, and war sweating.

War sweat

War sweat refers to the performance of profuse sweating all over the body after a cold war. That is, the whole body trembles and then sweats, which is a manifestation of the struggle between good and evil in the process of febrile venereal disease. For example, after sweating, the fever subsides, the pulse is calm and the body is cool, which means that the evil is gone and the vitality is restored, which is a good phenomenon. If the extremities are cold and restless after sweating, it means that the righteousness is overwhelmed by evil, and the righteousness will weaken with the weakness, which is a critical symptom. War sweats are more common in the early and middle stages of various infectious diseases.

Zhanhan and Prescriptions (mainly for primary disease syndrome differentiation and treatment)

Fuling Guizhi Baizhu Gancao Decoction< /span>

Treatise on Febrile Diseases: Treatise on exogenous febrile diseases, if you vomit, if you vomit, your heart will be full, your breath will rise to your chest, and you will feel dizzy when you rise up [1], and your pulse will sink Tightness, sweating will move the meridians, for those who vibrate, Fuling Guizhi Baizhu Gancao Decoction[3] is the main one.

Composition and administration: 12 grams of Poria cocos, 9 grams of cassia twig (peeled), 6 grams of Atractylodes macrocephala, 6 grams of licorice (burned). For the four flavors of the medicine, boil 300 ml with 600 ml of water, remove the water, and take it warm three times.

Functions and Indications: Warming phlegm, invigorating the spleen and dampness. Treatment of deficiency of Zhongyang, stagnation of phlegm and retention, fullness of the flanks, dizziness and palpitation, shortness of breath due to cough, white and slippery tongue coating, stringy and slippery pulse.

Zhenwu Decoction

Treatise on Febrile Diseases: Taiyang Disease Sweating, sweating is incomprehensible, and the person still has fever, palpitations, dizziness, body movement, shaking and shaking, Zhenwu Decoction is the main treatment.

Composition and administration: Poria cocos 9 grams, peony 9 grams, Atractylodes macrocephala 6 grams, ginger (cut) 9 grams, aconite 5 grams (cannon). For the five flavors, boil 300 ml with 800 ml of water, remove the water, and take 100 ml warm each time, three times a day.

If you have a cough, add 3 grams each of schisandra, asarum, and dried ginger; grams; if vomiting, remove the aconite, and add ginger to 15 grams.

Functions and indications; warming yang and diuresis. Treatment of Spleen and Kidney yang failure, internal stagnation of moisture, dysuria, heaviness and pain in the limbs, abdominal pain and diarrhea, or edema of the limbs, white fur without thirst, Taiyang disease, sweating, incomprehensible sweating, the patient still has fever, palpitations, headache Dizziness, movement of the body, vibrating and shaking the ground. It is currently used for liver and kidney edema, cardiac edema, otogenic vertigo, chronic colitis, etc., which belong to the brand kidney yang deficiency.