Your identity may be impersonated! Quickly check yourself

After receiving a sales call

Did you just hang up?

After receiving a debt reminder message

Did you just delete it as a spam message?


Slow down, don’t take it seriously

This is very likely

Your personal information has been leaked!

One day in 2020, Xiao Wang, who had never been in business before, discovered that he had become the “legal representative” of more than 200 companies , but he knew nothing about it.

A number of students of a certain industrial university reported that they found out that their tax records were abnormal through official channels. They obviously were still studying at school, but there were records showing that they at work.

In August 2018, Mr. Zheng from Henan found himself inexplicably in debt of 260,000 yuan. The cause was an ID card that he lost in April 2013.

The harm in it

There is no need for Du Duxiong to talk about it

except for being hired by a legal person, being employed, being loaned

In addition to these 3 situations

Some people also encountered

WeChat and Alipay accounts were stolen

Not only suffer economic losses

It may also affect normal life

So here comes the problem

How do we know if our identity information

has been fraudulently used?

Don’t worry

Gudu Xiong has sorted it out for everyone

Checking methods