“No matter how much people fight, they can’t fight against the sky”: If you stay quiet and don’t fight about these things, your life will be better

There is a poem that says: “Fate is already determined by the sky, and the struggle will be empty. “

It is human nature to fight. Everyone who comes to this world needs to fight for “ideals”, fight for “money” and fight for “desires”.

When we were young, we put “fighting” first, thinking that as long as we fight and force, everything can come true. It took many years to realize that this was not the case.

Some people get rich by fate, and basically work hard for a few years before they can become rich, free and achieve something. And some people are poor in their lives, maybe they have struggled for many years, but they are still in vain.

Could it be that God is unfair? God, that’s fair, it will give rich people a certain amount of fortune, and it will also give them a certain amount of disaster. And for ordinary people, it will also give a certain amount of happiness.

The key lies not in what you get or what you have, but in these four words—let nature take its course.

If you can’t get it, let it go; if you can’t have it, let it go. It’s no big deal about money, fame, or success. Sometimes, Life is far away, but it is hard to find one after all.

It is the real great wisdom to be quiet and not fight over these things.

1. As for the “result”, be quiet without dispute .

Confucius once said: “The time is also the fate, be cautious at the beginning and end well, do your best and obey the destiny.”


Confucius believes that everything is a matter of timing and fate. People can only grasp the process well, and the follow-up results may as well be left to God to arrange.

People will wonder, isn’t Confucius a representative of “simple materialism”? Why would you persuade others to leave the results to God?

Actually, What Confucius advocated is not the “result theory” but the “process theory” . During this short journey of life, try your best to live every day and do everything well, then you will have no regrets.

When he was in his twenties, Confucius, who was full of knowledge, also wanted to enter the court, help the monarch, and do something for the world. It’s just that Confucius’ idea of ​​”ruling the world with benevolence” was not accepted by the monarch at the time, so after he was middle-aged, he could only be a teacher, teaching without discrimination.

If there are disciples, they persuade Confucius, hoping that Confucius will record his thoughts. Confucius responded in this way, just complete the current mission, and don’t do things like chasing fame and fortune. Not fighting is the kingly way.

Second, for “fixed number” , quiet without fighting.

In fact, there are “definite numbers” in life. How much food we should eat and how many years of blessings we should enjoy are actually not decided by ourselves, but by God.

During the Three Kingdoms period, Zhuge Liang set up an array in the upper valley and surrounded Sima Yi and his son. As long as the fire attack goes smoothly, Sima can be wiped out Father and son, captured Chang’an and revived the Han Dynasty.

The middle process went smoothly, and Sima Yi and his son were also included. Unfortunately, when Sima Yi and his son were about to be killed, heavy rain fell from the sky, which made Zhuge Liang’s layout and efforts fall short.

Looking at Sima Yi and Wei Jun leaving in embarrassment,Zhuge Liang said with emotion: “The fate of the Han Dynasty is exhausted, and there is no human power to restore it.”In fact, Zhuge Liang also knew that the heavy rain this time was the beginning of the end of the Han Dynasty and himself.

The last time I looked at Chang’an in Wuzhangyuan,Zhuge Liang recalled the year when he was 27 years old, with great ambitions, The self who is helping the world is still no match for the arrangement of God’s will.

Destiny is something that cannot be changed, whether people believe it or not. Instead of forcing it, it is better to let it go after trying your best, and feel at ease.

Third, for things that “do not belong” to you , quiet without fighting.

The Buddha said: “It should be yours, and others can’t take it away. If it’s not yours, you can’t fight for it Come.”

When others earn 10 million, we are envious and hope that we can also earn 10 million. However, we are destined to only earn a few million, and to force ourselves is just to embarrass ourselves.

Don’t talk about money, just say “partner”. Before we got married, we fell in love with someone and hoped to marry him. Who knows“Xiang Wang is interested, but the goddess is not” , others still rejected us.

Later, this person found a particularly mediocre spouse who was inferior to us in terms of conditions. At that moment, we would think, why did the other party choose him instead of us?

At the age of forty, I finally figured it out,People who are “destined but not destined” will eventually will leave us. Things that “have nothing to do with us” do not belong to us after all.

Since it doesn’t belong, don’t worry about it. Give the other party a freedom, give yourself a freedom, be a contented and responsible person, live a stable life that belongs only to you, and you will be happier.

Fourth, for everything that “backfires”, stay calm without fighting.

There is a hurdle that is difficult to overcome in this life-it is counterproductive.

There was such a case some time ago, it was about a middle-aged man who took over from a high position and was heavily in debt, suffering from depression , and then jumped down from upstairs, ending his life.

No one knows how much pain he has endured, people only know that he is unlucky and unemployed after a few months of taking over the high position Yes, life is extremely embarrassing and helpless.

Every time I see such a case, I feel very sad. After all, countless people gradually disappeared in the process of “backfired” It was as if he had never been to this world.

In the final analysis,Life is a “gamble”, everyone who comes to this world, All need to have the psychological preparation of “willing to gamble and admit defeat”. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for the next few decades.

If you don’t know others’ suffering, don’t persuade them to be kind. But I still have to say,Be a cautious person who does not overdraw the future, so that “inaction” can achieve success. This is the ability to “quiet without fighting”.

Text/Deer in Shushan