Dr. Liu Yi said that after the lung cancer (4871) pulmonary nodules were discharged from the hospital after taking the medicine, there is no need to prescribe it again

Pulmonary nodule surgery is now performed with minimally invasive thoracoscopic surgery, and the recovery is very fast. Most patients undergo surgery You can leave the hospital in four or five days. When I leave the hospital, I will bring you anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers for a few days, not to say how painful the wound is. After all, each patient feels pain differently. If you feel some pain, especially at night, it will affect your sleep. , You can take a painkiller. Now everyone knows that it is inconvenient to buy some medicine outside. If there is no pain, painkillers do not need to be taken regularly.

Just now, there was a patient who underwent lung nodule surgery at my place last week My son left a message for me. His mother was discharged from the hospital last weekend and went home. He said that he had already taken the anti-inflammatory and painkillers. Should he continue to take some more? After the anti-inflammatory drug, you can leave the hospital and take it for a few days. Most patients do not need to continue taking these two drugs. After returning home, a very small number of patients developed lung infection, coughed with yellow sputum, and had a fever. They needed to take medicine for a few days, but the proportion of these patients was very small.

After my patient who underwent lung nodule surgery went home, if If you have any questions that are not clear, you can contact me at any time by leaving a message, and I will reply to you in time.