Ningbo summer resort, surrounded by secret Longtan, has been developed into a charging scenic spot one after another

There are four secret dragon pools in Siming Mountain Area of ​​Ningbo City, namely Black Dragon Pool, White Dragon Pool, Yellow Dragon Pool and Qinglong Pool. They are all good places to play in the water and escape the heat in summer. Yingzhi has already visited them all.

Black Dragon Pond has been opened as a toll scenic spot, and Bailong Pond has also started the construction of scenic spot.

A great place where people can play for free, less and less, play and cherish!

Black Dragon Pool

Black Dragon Pool, located in Yuyao City, Ningbo City Heilongtan Village, Dalan Town, is adjacent to Taxi Village, Chenxi Township, Shangyu District, Shaoxing City. Yingzhi has visited Heilongtan four times.

The stream originates from the Yangtian Lake and Qiluyan area of ​​Siming Mountain. The cliff descends straight down, and the water gathers into a waterfall, and the pool becomes a waterfall. There are three big pools, two small pools, and five pools in the elite area. Collectively known as Black Dragon Pool.

On July 8, 2022, many tourists went to Heilongtan to play in the water that weekend. The scenic spot begins to charge and open, with a ticket of 68 yuan and a parking fee of 10 yuan for a car.

Just one week later, July 15, 2022 is another weekend. As usual, many tourists went to the Heilongtan Scenic Spot to play in the water and escape the heat. After arriving, they found that tourists were not allowed to enter the scenic spot because the villagers Use Heilongtan water as drinking water.

Recently, some netizens reported that Heilongtan can be entered for a fee again.

The Heilongtan Scenic Spot will be constructed step by step. The whole project is planned to be completed in five years. The plank road and cableway will be built, and finally the Black Dragon Pond will be built. The two scenic spots are connected with the water curtain cave in the upper reaches.

After the Heilongtan Scenic Spot is fully developed, the enclosure will be wider and the ticket fee will be higher.

The rope bridge and plank road currently under construction have only been repaired to the first pool at the bottom.

The road upstream of No. 1 Pool is still in its original state, with difficulties and obstacles. Many sections require both hands and feet, which are dangerous. Therefore, ordinary tourists who are not good at climbing can only play in the water at No. 1 Pool.


Bailongtan, located on the fourth of Yuyao City, Ningbo. Xishan Village, Mingshan Town, is located in the triangle area at the junction of Yuyao, Shangyu and Shengzhou. It is the most remote village in Yuyao City.

On May 10, 2020, Yingzhi visited Bailongtan for the first time. After several searches, she could not find the way to Bailongtan. She had to pay the villagers to lead me, and finally arrived at the mouth of Bailongtan.

The waterfall spews out from the valley, the head but not the tail, like a white dragon spitting out a waterfall and falling into the pool.

The road upstream of Bailongtan is steep, and the villagers who lead the way dare not go deep into the valley.

On August 8, 2021, Yingzhi, along with the traveling team brought by “Happy Flying” in Shangyu, had professional equipment and teammates, and successfully explored Bailongtan.

The water of Bailongtan originates from the dry hills and soft belly hills in the Yangtian Lake area. It goes west to south, and the hanging rocks go straight down, forming a deep pit canyon. The mountains are sacred and secret, and the streams are clear and holy, free from dust.

There is no road in the valley, the rocks are rugged, primitive, mysterious and wild coexist, rock climbing, river tracing, waterfalls, Difficulties and obstacles, those who are not good at water in Leshan can enter.

The original secret realm, the road is dangerous and difficult, professional equipment and professional people are required to enter, please do not risk rock climbing to enter, outdoor travel, safety first.

I heard that Bailongtan has also started the construction of scenic spots, and the beautiful scenery will become a profitable place.


Huanglongtan, located in Haishu District, Ningbo City In the natural village of Huanglongtan, Limei Village, Zhangshui Town, there is a pool behind the village, called Huanglongtan, and the name of the village is named after the pool.

On July 25, 2020, Yingzhi searched for Huanglongtan. After arriving, she realized that Huanglongtan is still far from the village. It takes more than an hour to climb the mountain, and it is very secret. It is difficult for people who have never been there. Find the Yellow Dragon Pool.

Yingzhi had to ask the villagers to lead the way and paid 100 yuan. The villagers waved their knives in front of the road, overcoming obstacles. After more than an hour of trekking, they finally saw Huanglongtan.

The stream pours straight down, the cliff is more than ten meters high, and the pool is not deep and crystal clear.

The water of Huanglongtan, in Huanglongtan Village, merges into Nanxi, meanders to the west and flows to the north of Mibei The highway runs along the stream until it reaches Simingshan Town, Yuyao City, where it meets Beixi.

Nanxi and Beixi have corresponding names. After the two streams meet, they flow through Beixi Village and Dayu Village. , Lijiakeng Village, into Zhougongzhai Reservoir.


Qinglongtan, located in Yanxiashan Natural Village, Lizhou Village, Simingshan Town, Yuyao City, Ningbo City, is located between Yanxiashan Reservoir and Dahengshan Reservoir.

Qinglongtan was originally 20 to 30 meters deep. When the Yanxiashan Power Station was built next to Qinglongtan in 1979, the stones opened up on the mountain rolled down and filled up most of the Qinglongtan. It is now about 9 meters deep. , but still the deepest natural pool in Ningbo.

July 25, 2020, Yingzhi’s first time When I visited Qinglong Lake, there were no tourists at that time.

Qinglong Lake is located under the hanging rock, and the two pools are connected. , the water is green and dark, unfathomable and chilling.

On July 30, 2022, Yingzhi visited Qinglongtan for the second time, and there was an endless stream of tourists and ALICE teams.

The tranquil Qinglong Pond has become very lively.

Traffic strategy, self-driving navigation to Yanxia Mountain Village, Simingshan Town, Yuyao City, the end of the road is Qinglongtan, but the end is about one kilometer The road is too narrow for traffic, and it is easy to cause congestion.

For public transportation, take bus No. 513 from Yuyao South Bus Station directly to Simingshan Town, and then walk to Qinglongtan in Yanxia Mountain Village.

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