Nine words | Taste the sweetness and sweetness in the world

Those who don’t read will stop thinking. To read is to build one’s own thoughts with the help of other people’s thoughts.

Be a person like lime, the more others pour cold water on you, the more boiling your life will be.

Remember the good, forget the unhappiness, endure the loneliness, endure the suffering, even if the life is a feather, the heart can still bloom flowers, look down on the clouds of the world , willing to interpret the connotation of life with simple feelings.

There must be gentleness, but it is not a compromise. We must be strong in a quiet and unhurried manner.< /span>

Either rich, or loving, or powerful Heart, at least one item, will not live so hard.

I have tasted the sweetness and sweetness of the world, and I know the warmth and coldness of the words.

See clearlyWhy bother to expose an individual, why bother to turn against someone who hates him.

When you are in a low period, think about it, even if you can’t save money now, you can save some knowledge, friendship, experience, or at least some lessons .

If you think about doing something, you must do it, and do it thoroughly.