4 kinds of fish quickly removed from the dining table, or the “nest” of heavy metals, fishmongers: the less you know, the better

Eating fish properly is good for health. The protein in fish is very rich, which is a high-quality protein, and it tastes very good. There are many ways to do it. All very delicious.

Many people like to eat fish in life. In the process of eating fish, I don’t know if you pay attention , There are some fish that cannot be eaten more, because they contain a lot of heavy metals, and eating more is not good for health.

If the source of fish cannot be guaranteed, it is likely to lead to excessive intake of heavy metals in the body. The human body has adverse effects, so fish containing heavy metals should be removed from the table as soon as possible, but fishmongers say that the less you know, the better.

Eat What are the benefits of fish?

Many people think that eating fish is very troublesome, because there are a lot of spines in fish, so they rarely eat fish, but research has found that among fish The fatty acids in the diet have many benefits to the human body, it would be a pity not to eat them.

A study in the British Medical Journal found that the elderly can get more high-quality fish if they insist on eating fish Fatty acids, cognitive performance, heart muscle strength and vision were all much healthier than those who did not eat fish.

Eating fish properly can help improve blood levels and keep the body healthy and aging People who regularly eat fish have a 37% lower risk of chronic liver disease.

Contained in fish meat There is less fat, so you don’t have to worry about obesity, and you don’t have to worry about the blood becoming thicker, so eating fish can bring benefits to the whole body. It is recommended that you eat fish twice a week, with a total amount of about 300-500 grams.

4 kinds of fish quickly get off the dining table, or the “nest” of heavy metals, fishmongers : The less you know, the better

Wild fish

Wild fish may contain heavy metal mercury, some people will buy wild fish, or some people will go fishing for wild fish, but for health reasons, it is better to eat less .

The water area and water environment of wild fish are not well understood. If the heavy metal pollution is serious, it will make the body Excessive intake of mercury will bring some problems to the body, so buy fish from regular channels, otherwise it is easy to ingest heavy metals.

Very large

Many people think that larger fish tastes better. The meat is chewy, but as you age, the heavy metal content in your body will increase.

Big fish eat small fish and shrimp, and absorb more and more toxic substances , so eating it regularly will increase the burden on the body and bring a series of diseases to the body.

Smelling fish with a strong earthy smell< /span>

When stewing fish, many people put various seasonings to remove fishy smell, but the fishy smell is still very strong. The reason for this may be that they bought fish that grew in sewage.

This kind of fish has lived in sewage for a long time, and the smell of fish meat and fish bones, and this kind of fish contains heavy metals, so when buying fish food, you must smell the smell of the fish, and you can also check for mud in the gills.< /span>

Dead fish with loose flesh

Many freshwater fish will die soon after coming out of the water. If the dead fish is not cooled with ice, the fish meat will quickly rot and become soft. After the fish meat becomes soft, the There will be a large number of germs, and when the germs reproduce, there will be a lot of heavy metals.

Long-term eating and rotting Deteriorated dead fish are very harmful to the body, so when buying fish, you must press it, and buy the kind of fish that is very hard to press and looks very red.

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“Experts” recommend eating 3 kinds of fish

< p data-track="23">herring

Herring is rich in sugar and many minerals, which have a positive effect on brain memory. The iodine and zinc elements contained in it have the effect of resisting aging and cancer, so you might as well eat more herring.

Black fish

Snakefish has the functions of clearing away heat and blood stasis, diuretic and nourishing the spleen, promoting muscle and nourishing blood, and has a positive effect on the liver and kidney. The spines of snakeheaded fish are very few, and the meat quality is relatively firm. It contains Substances can provide more energy for the heart, and can also delay aging and physical fatigue.


As a sea fish, hairtail is very delicious to eat. The meat is delicious and tender. Before cooking, it will be fried with oil to prevent the meat from falling apart, so that the hairtail is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Add a different taste.