When to eat calcium tablets, calcium supplementation effect is the best? The doctor said frankly: Keep in mind the two principles of correct calcium supplementation

Calcium is the most abundant inorganic mineral in the human body, accounting for about 1.5%~2% of the body weight. You may not know that 99% of it exists in your body teeth and bones.

Different age groups have different requirements for calcium elements, no matter what age group calcium supplementation should be Being valued, calcium is one of the indispensable nutrients in the body.

Participate in the whole life process, when the new life is born, it has already started to absorb calcium from the mother Elements, since calcium is so important, how to supplement calcium should be taken seriously. Today we will learn together.

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When to take calcium tablets, the effect of calcium supplementation is the best? Doctor reminds: keep in mind 2 principles for correct calcium supplement

Many people find themselves calcium deficient , will take a large amount of calcium tablets in a short period of time. First of all, we need to know that calcium tablets will not have obvious effects in the short term. At most, they will temporarily regulate your blood vessels. How to supplement calcium should be strictly regulated.

Generally speaking, if you insist on calcium supplementation for more than one year, you can observe the improvement related to bone density, and persist for several years In order to achieve a better consolidation effect, in addition, calcium supplementation does not mean that the more you supplement, the better, because it has a certain absorption probability, and excessive intake of about 30% will affect the absorption.

  • < span> So what is the correct intake? Dietary guidelines for Chinese residents;

800mg/day for young and middle-aged


1000mg/day for middle-aged and elderly people over 50 years old, middle and late pregnancy and lactating people

The maximum limit should not exceed 2000mg/day.


So what are the causes of calcium deficiency in the human body?

No timely calcium supplement

Infants and young children have insufficient calcium intake during their growth period, which will lead to problems in growth and development. Calcium deficiency in adolescence is mostly due to unreasonable matching. Calcium deficiency in humans is mostly due to decreased appetite, picky eaters, insufficient awareness of calcium and insufficient supplementation.

Do not go out

For young people who often sit in the office, it is necessary to go out early and late every day After all, seldom exposure to the sun, time without sun is more likely to lead to calcium deficiency in the body, although sun exposure cannot directly replenish calcium, but it can synthesize and absorb calcium in the body, especially vitamin D is more dependent on sun exposure.

Low exercise

The main factors of calcium deficiency in most people are year-round inactivity and lack of muscle and nerve ruptures, which can induce body obesity over time, a large amount of fat accumulation, difficult to decompose, lower physical fitness, and lower absorption probability. Long-term Without exercise, the bones and joints cannot be stimulated, and the calcium salt content in the bones is reducedcause calcium deficiency.

in vivo The pH is destroyed

For office workers, in order to be able to spell out performance, they often stay up late and like to drink coffee As well as carbonated beverages, these substances are more likely to damage the acid-base balance in the body in a high-intensity state. After excessive acidic substances are integrated into the blood, the loss of calcium in the body will be accelerated, causing calcium deficiency.


Doctor reminds: Keep in mind 2 principles for correct calcium supplement

1. Improve absorption efficiency

The best time to supplement calcium is before going to bed at night, because No more food intake, so the calcium in the blood remains balanced. At this time, the calcium is metabolized with the urine, and the calcium is transported from the bones, and then replenished into the blood. At this time, supplementing calcium tablets can be effective.

2. Reduce Adverse reactions

Basically, the oral calcium needs the action of stomach acid, so that it can Calcium ions are decomposed and absorbed by the body. Based on this point, it is recommended to supplement calcium tablets with three meals, so that a large amount of gastric acid secretion is more conducive to the dissociation of calcium tablets to produce more calcium ions. Irritation of the gastric mucosa.

In fact, the vast majority of people are more likely to ignore the problem of time when supplementing calcium. Calcium supplementation will not only affect the absorption of calcium tablets, but will even cause damage to the health of the body. For those who supplement calcium, the best time for calcium supplementation must be grasped, so that the calcium tablets can be used to the extreme. It can also be supplemented by diet therapy. Calcium, two-pronged approach, the effect is better.