Nine Words | If you want to fall, even the gods can’t save you; if you want to grow, you can survive in a desperate situation


Only studying and making money are the best things for a person In practice, the former makes people not confused, and the latter makes people unyielding.

Don’t be distracted when you have something to do, don’t be empty when you have nothing to do, be cautious in your words and deeds, be cautious in your actions, be self-reflective, self-disciplined and confident. Self-discipline in prosperity and self-healing in vulgarity.

The meaning of life lies in the mutual illumination between people.

The magnetic field of a person is very important. If you are grateful, you will be successful; if you give, you will get; A kind and grateful heart.

Don’t care about other people’s comments, don’t fear being disliked, don’t deliberately pursue The approval of others is the ultimate road to freedom and happiness.

Instead of envious of others’ sunshine and self-confidence, it is better to exercise to heal yourself;

If you stop, it’s a valley; if you keep going, it’s an uphill.

If you want to fall, even gods can’t save you; if you want to grow, you can survive even a desperate situation.

If the heart is young, the years are not old. A decent middle-aged girl is able to maintain her smug disposition even after being smoky. When the flowers fade, please trim the branches and leaves; when the leaves fall, please keep the tree skinny!