Is “expired red wine” still drinkable? You can still have these 5 major uses after the expiration date, you might as well understand

Do you usually like to drink red wine?

If you haven’t finished the bottle of red wine at home, it’s best not to drink it. The reason is that red wine will oxidize with the oxygen in the air reaction, losing its original taste.

In this process, it will even turn sour. In order to ensure your health, it is best to throw it away directly, but more people worry about the expiration of red wine , how can we avoid waste?


Learn about red wine knowledge

It should be explained in advance that wine does not have a certain shelf life like most foods, because it only has a drinking period.

After some wines are brewed, they need to be aged for a certain period of time before they can emit more beautiful However, if it is not drunk for a long time after adulthood, the taste will gradually become weak, and the flavor will gradually lose. At this time, the wine is considered to have passed the drinking period.

So we can only think that the expiration of wine is after the adaptation period, not like other foods , After the shelf life, it cannot be eaten or drunk at all, but its taste will become worse, but it will still have many magical effects, we can turn waste into treasure.


Is “expired red wine” still drinkable?

Red wine expires the most It’s better not to drink!

Comparatively speaking, the aging characteristics of red wine can generally be stored for 20 to 50 years. This type of red wine that can be aged and stored is generally related to the quality, craftsmanship and climate of the grapes, and the production process is very complicated.

However, the production process of most of the wines that are usually drunk is simple, and they have reached the maturity at that time, that is, drinking State, belongs to the fresher the better the wine. The calculation of the shelf life also takes into account the colony reproduction of the components of red wine, so once this period has passed, it will lose its fresh taste and it is not suitable for drinking.

Many people drank After expiring red wine, you will have symptoms such as diarrhea and gastrointestinal discomfort. If you find it unexpected, the merchant will not pay you any money, so it is not recommended to drink it, but it can turn waste into treasure.


Share 5 small uses of “expired” red wine, don’t miss it.

Red wine mask material

A small glass of red wine, with two or three spoons of honey, stir evenly, adjust it to a thick state, apply it on the face after cleaning the face, and let it dry for 8 minutes Then wash the entire face with warm water, and it becomes moist and shiny.


Salad Dressing

Many people may have eaten salad dressing, which is generally high in concentration, either too sweet or too oily. You can use expired red wine to make salad dressing yourself, which will not only make you eat healthier, but also taste more refreshing. Use a Add red wine, black pepper olive oil, and appropriate amount of edible salt to the dishes, stir evenly and pour the prepared red wine sauce on the salad to complete.

Let the meat be bloodless

Many people like to eat steak, and they can be soaked in red wine before frying , and then cook, which can make the beef look the same, there will be no blood seeping, take out a container, put the beef in it, pour the red wine that marinated the beef, the amount can also be soaked with onion slices, marinated for 40 After a few minutes, get out of the pan and fry in oil.

Soften the meat

Red wine contains certain tannins, which can properly soften fat. Before cooking pork and beef, you can marinate red wine to effectively remove the fat from the meat itself. For some peculiar smell, it is best to avoid adding seasonings when soaking, marinate with red wine first, and then add seasonings when cooking later, so as to soften the meat.

Boil chicken soup

Winter is more suitable for tonic. Many people like to cook chicken soup at home. However, red wine can be paired with chicken soup, so that the ingredients in red wine can be better absorbed into chicken soup and chicken, and the taste is more delicious. When cooking red wine chicken, it will stick Pot, you can add red wine to cook at any time.


Why is there no shelf life in foreign countries?

The reason why the shelf life of red wine is marked in my country is because it is influenced by the characteristics of our country. There is no such thing as a shelf life for red wine. Red wine within the drinking period has a more mellow taste, full of flavor, and is pleasant to drink. Therefore, buying a bottle of red wine is not based on the shelf life, but on its drinking period. Common The drinking period of red wine is within 2 years.

The drinking period of red wine is flexible. Different varieties of red wine have different drinking periods;

  • Excellent quality, its aging time is longer, some can reach 10 or 20 years.
  • The quality is average, the drinking period is shorter
  • < span>Good quality, longer drinking period


Some knowledge about red wine storage< /strong>

Keep the storage temperature at around 13℃< /p>

High temperature is the number one killer of red wine. When red wine is around 22°C, irreversible damage will occur after a period of time. If it is 27°C, red wine will heat up and start to change taste. So usually pay attention.

Save away from light

Almost all drinks are afraid of direct sunlight, and red wine is not Exception, whether it is light or sunlight will accelerate the oxidation of red wine. This is the reason why the red wine bottle is dark. If it is ordinary red wine, it can be placed in a dark place. It is best to use expensive famous wine. Professional wine storage cabinets .

Place it horizontally or obliquely to avoid frequent shaking

Many red wines are cork-sealed for long-term storage. The liquid is in contact with the cork to prevent the cork from being too dry and running out of wine. Do not shake or carry frequently during storage, so as not to affect the quality of the wine.