Chen Xiaodong suspected of plastic surgery? Netizens dare not admit it, and call it “net red face”

In this era of looking at faces, many celebrities in the entertainment circle pay great attention to their appearance conditions, and in this era of severe face control, face The value becomes a hard condition.

For the stars in the entertainment industry, their appearance is the basis for ensuring their success in the entertainment industry , They will spend a lot of time on beauty and skin care, and even indulge in it, just to keep their beauty, not only female stars, but also male stars.

Today let’s get to know each other again Chen Xiaodong, Chen Xiaodong, whom I haven’t seen for a long time, reappeared in front of everyone through a variety show, but many netizens said that Chen Xiaodong’s appearance has changed.

Chen Xiaodong is suspected of plastic surgery? Netizens dare not admit it, and call it “Internet celebrity face”

Chen Xiaodong made his debut as a singer After that, he participated in many TV series and became one of the young idols who were widely favored by the audience at that time.

But now Chen Xiaodong has turned into a person who is neither human nor ghost, even somewhat demonized , whether it is from the retouched picture or the selfie picture, it is full of silicone feeling, especially the chin has obvious modification, and the angle of the lower part is very weird, which makes netizens say that they can’t recognize each other.

Chen Xiaodong when he was young He is very handsome, one of the best looks in the entertainment industry, and is very popular among fans. Even Lin Qingxia and Cecilia Cheung admired him very much at that time. The charm revealed in the room is particularly contagious, and the singing voice is moving, and the acting skills are very good.

I didn’t expect that Chen Xiaodong, who had disappeared for a long time, reappeared in front of the public, it turned out to be like this, exaggerated The chin is pointed and wide, and the bridge of the nose is wide and high, which is very exaggerated, especially its eyes, which are like sad frogs, and the double eyelids are very wide. Many netizens said that they don’t know what Chen Xiaodong has experienced in these years. Where is the original Sunshine Girl, she is completely an internet celebrity face.

Why male stars Will you choose plastic surgery?

The medical and aesthetic industry is developing rapidly. In addition to female stars, male stars are also the main force. They also I want to have a youthful appearance, and I hope to keep the flowering period. After all, the life of art is so long. If you don’t pay attention to your appearance, you can only be reduced to a supporting role in the end.

Everyone has a desire for beauty, and there is nothing wrong with plastic surgery, but if it is too much, it will not work , today we will take stock of the male stars in the entertainment industry who have undergone plastic surgery.

Chen Haomin

Chen Haomin was a handsome man when he was young, he can hold both costume dramas and modern dramas.

Unexpectedly, the middle-aged Chen Haomin began to tinker with his face. When I participated in the event, I wore European-style big double eyelids and a pointed chin. Because of the remake of Mario in the anime, it was not only unnatural, but even a little scary.

Lin Yushen

Lin Yushen can also be regarded as acting in the entertainment circle Pai, but the shape of his face is really hard to see. He used to be a handsome guy, but now he is getting old and greasy. He is called the new generation of oil king by netizens.