My legs hurt so much that I can only lie on the bed to eat! What should I do about lumbar protrusion? two ways to tell you

Ms. Li is a full-time mother. She had leg pain some time ago, and then the pain became uncontrollable. Standing pain, sitting pain, and finally can only lie on the bed to relieve the pain, eating and sleeping, I thought it would be better in a few days, but I didn’t expect the pain to last for two weeks. The family took her to the hospital for an examination. During the whole process, the family helped her down the stairs and to the hospital.

In the orthopedic clinic of the hospital, the doctor asked Ms. Li to perform an MRI, and the results showed that the lumbar 3/4 and 4/5 protruded, and the lumbar 4/5 intervertebral disc had prolapsed. compression on the sciatic nerve.

The doctor said that this is a typical lumbar disc herniation. In this case, surgical treatment can be directly considered, or conservative treatment can be performed for a period of time to see the situation.

In view of the fear of surgery, Ms. Li chose conservative treatment for a period of time to observe the effect. Regularly cooperate with jogging, swimming, Xiao Yanfei, etc. to exercise the back muscles to prevent recurrence.

Then the question arises, Ms. Li has two questions!

The first question: Can lumbar disc herniation be cured?

The explanation of western medicine for lumbar intervertebral disc is that the annulus fibrosus forming the lumbar intervertebral disc ruptures, and the nucleus pulposus flows out from the inside, stimulating and compressing the surrounding nerves, causing lower limb pain Symptoms such as pain and numbness. That is to say, there is damage to the lumbar intervertebral disc. At present, the treatment goal of lumbar disc herniation is mainly to eliminate symptoms, so lumbar disc herniation may recur.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that lumbar disc herniation is mostly caused by wind, cold, damp and other exogenous evils invading meridians Therefore, dispelling the wind, cold, and damp stagnant in the meridians can cure the lumbar disc herniation. When the pain is gone, what the patient should do is to keep warm to prevent wind, cold, damp and other exogenous pathogens from invading the meridians of the waist and legs again, leading to the onset of the disease. Generally speaking, some traditional Chinese medicines have good clinical effects on lumbar disc herniation.

Second question: Does lumbar disc herniation make running more painful?

As a landlubber, Ms. Li has included jogging as her first choice plan. But a friend warned her that jogging would aggravate lumbar disc herniation. She had a friend who developed lumbar disc herniation after jogging, so don’t jog. Is that really the case? Ms. Li hung up the expert number again, consulted the doctor specially, and gave the following conclusion:

1. During the pain relief period, aerobic exercise such as jogging can be used to enhance the flexibility and muscle strength of the lumbar spine, which can effectively prevent and relieve low back pain. In addition, jogging has greatly improved the discomfort of the neck and shoulders, and at the same time can enhance cardiopulmonary function.

2. Do not run during the pain period. When running, the weight of the upper body and the impact from the ground will hit the ground like a hammer On the lumbar intervertebral disc, it will aggravate low back pain. Also, the emphasis has always been on jogging instead of fast running. Some patients think that the faster you run, the better the exercise effect, but this will actually have a counterproductive effect.

3. Jogging should choose running shoes with better sole elasticity to cushion the repeated impact on the lumbar intervertebral disc during running, and running should be done step by step, with an intensity and time that suits you. If you feel tired, you can alternate between running and brisk walking, gradually increase the distance, and transition slowly.

After a period of treatment with traditional Chinese medicine and jogging exercises, Ms. Li’s leg pain disappeared and she has completely returned to her normal life.

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