What Does Mercury Retrograde Mean?

Some people think Mercury retrograde means you should be cautious in many areas of your life, but what do astrologers say?


It is said that Mercury goes retrograde three to four times a year, that is to say, it moves in the opposite direction to the earth. The planets orbit the sun from east to west, and when Mercury orbits from west to east, this is when Mercury is retrograde. Many people refer to this time of year simply as Mercury retrograde.

But this backward movement is an illusion, like you are in a car traveling on the highway faster than the train next to you. The train appears to be going backwards, but it’s just going slower than you. The same thing happens when our planet passes Mercury in its orbit around the sun. Mercury just moves slower than Earth, creating the illusion that it’s retrograde.

Phantom or not, astrologers believe that when Mercury retrograde occurs, it can have an impact on life on Earth, especially in the areas of communications and technology. In astrology, Mercury rules communication, travel, and learning.

For this reason, Mercury retrograde is blamed for everything from miscommunication to technical errors, bad business deals, missed flights, mechanical problems with your car, and even It’s a broken phone. But there is no scientific basis for this.

What should you do?

Astrologers suggest you should be extra careful during this time – don’t buy a new cell phone, computer or car, take extra care to protect your electronics (put your phone Keep it in the box, make sure the water bottle is away from the computer), double check your flight times, don’t sign any business agreements, avoid relationship defining conversations.

This is a good time to pause, reassess, and postpone life-changing decisions. The astrologer explains some tips for getting through Mercury retrograde:

• Take a deep breath; this won’t last forever.

•Slow down, take your time, and pay attention to details.

• Pay attention to anything that needs to be reassessed and revised; this is a great way to channel energy positively.

•Do you need to heal past wounds or connect with people from your past? Now is a great time to do so. This phase gives us a chance to retrace our steps and revisit places we were.

• Observe, review and release. Remember to breathe!

When will it happen?

Mercury goes retrograde three times a year, each lasting about three weeks.

The dates for Mercury retrograde in 2022 are:

January 13th to February 3rd

< p data-track="15">May 10 to June 2

September 9 to October 1

December 28 to January 18, 2023

You can’t always put off things like signing contracts, so it’s important to read the fine print repeatedly. Of course, many people don’t believe in Mercury retrograde or astrology, but regardless, it’s a good excuse to pause, reflect and align yourself and your goals for the coming months.

Of course, you can do this at any time! As Nicole Guglich, Ph.D. in Astronomy, said about Mercury retrograde and how it affects technology: “I think it’s fair to say that this particular phenomenon doesn’t actually occur. However, the motion of the planets does have some effect on humans, at least for those of us who time our observations to coincide with our favorite planets appearing in the night sky.” The next time your telescope drive dies, don’t blame Mercury.”

Or that new phone you just bought broke.