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Weifang Financial News from Weifang Daily Zhang Qiyang, who lives in the dormitory of the Local Taxation Bureau of the High-tech Zone, is an “old fan” of “Weifang Evening News”. He has subscribed to the newspaper since its inception and reads the evening paper every morning It has become his habit for many years. Not only that, but he also contributed to the Evening News, and every time he saw his articles being published, he felt that he was also a member of the newspaper, and he felt a sense of accomplishment. On November 22, the reporter interviewed Zhang Qiyang, 69 years old this year, and listened to his story about becoming acquainted with the “Weifang Evening News”.

Zhang Qiyang is reading “Weifang Evening News”.

Favorite stacks of evening newspapers, the paper turned yellow and was reluctant to throw away

After breakfast on November 22, Zhang Qiyang came to the communication room of the community to get After reading the newspaper, I couldn’t help but read it on the spot.

Zhang Qiyang worked in the Municipal Taxation Bureau before retiring. In 1994, “Weifang Evening News” was founded, and the office subscribed to “Weifang Evening News”. “At that time, whenever there was a newspaper in the department, I would first read the “Weifang Evening News.” Zhang Qiyang said that the newly launched Evening News mainly reported the big things and small things around us, reflecting the people’s livelihood and public opinion, and was deeply loved by the people. “The language of the Evening News is concise, easy to understand, and has a strong sense of the scene.” Zhang Qiyang said that every time he got the “Weifang Evening News”, he couldn’t put it down. Now there are stacks of “Weifang Evening News” in the basement of his home, some of which are old and the paper is yellowed, but he is still reluctant to throw them away.

In 2013, after Zhang Qiyang retired from his work unit, he subscribed to Weifang Evening News every year at his own expense. “It has been 28 years since the Evening News was first published. I insist on reading the Evening News every day. I am a real old friend of the Evening News.” Zhang Qiyang said.

I often contribute to the Evening News and made many friends

Zhang Qiyang is from Weihai. After working, he came to Weifang and settled here. “It is through reading “Weifang Evening News” that I learned a lot about Weifang’s cultural knowledge.” Zhang Qiyang said, especially since July 2011, “Weifang Evening News” launched the “Humanistic Weifang” column, and he was impressed by the exquisite cover. Fascinated, after reading the content of the first issue of “Red Flag Manjuan Weifang”, if you find a treasure, carefully collect “Humanities Weifang”, and the time will not fall.

Zhang Qiyang also has a special relationship with “Weifang Evening News”. “In the past, the Evening News had a column called “Collection World”, which published knowledge about collections. I love collecting, so I often contributed articles. Every time I see my articles published, I feel a sense of accomplishment, and I feel like I am also a member of the newspaper.” Zhang Qiyang said that he also met many friends from the newspaper office.

28 years have passed, and Zhang Qiyang has witnessed the development of Evening News. “The “Weifang Evening News” is getting better and better. Not only is the layout design novel, but the content is also becoming more and more abundant.” Zhang Qiyang said that reading newspapers has long been an indispensable part of his life. He mobilized people around him to pay attention to “Weifang Evening News”. I wish “Weifang Evening News” better and better.

Weifang Daily All-Media Reporter: Liu Yan/Wentu