Why is chronic illness more silt, chronic illness more deficiency, so many medicines have no effect?

Why have you been sick for a long time? There is a reason

It is the long-term illness that consumes the righteousness of the human body and causes Qi deficiency. When qi is deficient, blood stasis will occur due to the inability to push the blood, which is one of the problems. Of course what happens? Prolonged illness has led to a deficiency of righteousness in the human body, and deficiency of righteousness also includes deficiency of blood and body fluid. Deficiency of blood can also cause blood stasis, deficiency of body fluid can also cause blood stasis, and deficiency of essence and blood can also cause blood stasis.

So I would like to remind everyone that we often talk about the problem of prolonged illness and more deficiency, and chronic illness and more blood stasis. The deficiency in this place must not dare to treat it as just Qi deficiency, and the stasis in this place dare not just treat it as As blood stasis caused by qi deficiency, the problem inside has a deep connotation

So why do I often talk about a sentence, for the classic works in our Chinese medicine, or the classic language, you must read him Do not dare to stay on the surface of the connotation, if it only stays on the surface. In the process of clinically treating diseases, because your theoretical understanding is only superficial.


Then in the process of your treatment, your prescription drugs only stop on the surface, but do not solve the deeper problems, so this is what many of our patients and friends often talk about, saying that this disease I have taken a lot of traditional Chinese medicine, why the effect is not good,

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In the end, I was still blaming traditional Chinese medicine for not being effective in treating this disease, and traditional Chinese medicine for not being effective. Why is it ineffective? There is nothing wrong with Chinese medicine itself, there is no problem, and Chinese medicine itself has no responsibility. Who is responsible? It’s because people who study Chinese medicine don’t understand it well, and people who use Chinese medicine don’t understand it. It’s a human problem, not the medical theory system, nor the medicine problem. This must be clarified, so facing the classics, facing the classic language. You must understand it thoroughly and understand it clearly. Don’t just stay on the surface. This will really harm yourself and others. Can it only be called not good at learning?