Minor illnesses keep coming and serious illnesses don’t come! It is urgent to improve immunity

As you all know, the sooner you make a mistake and learn from it, the less likely you will make a big mistake in the future. This principle is also applicable to human health. When the human body is stimulated by various internal and external stimuli, the immune system will be stimulated to make targeted attacks. When the “enemy” is too strong, the immune system will “defeat the battle” and cause illness.

In daily life, some people often have fever, colds and minor illnesses, but their bodies are not affected; some people don’t get sick once a year, but they have to stay in bed for several weeks when they get sick. In theory, people who suffer from frequent minor illnesses do have an advantage over those who do not often get sick.

The level of immunity is an important criterion to measure a person’s health. The process of the immune system resisting viruses and bacteria is the process of upgrading and fighting monsters. Only by fighting enough small monsters can you accumulate a lot of experience and have enough strength to face monsters. The continuous invasion of a small amount of bacteria and viruses will cause the immune system to form antibodies and protective barriers. When facing a “serious disease”, the immune system can quickly recognize and build a defense wall. If the body has a latent “serious disease”, it is easier to be discovered. Earn healing time.


Taoist medicine moxibustion brings warm stimulation to body acupoints, which is the process of activating immunity, allowing them to accumulate experience and improve their strength. Moxibustion on acupoints and meridians can regulate the functions of viscera and meridians, stimulate the body’s righteousness to achieve a balance of yin and yang, and help patients heal themselves with the help of internal strength. “Bian Que Heart Book” records: “Madam’s true energy is the master of the whole body. If the true energy is strong, the person will be strong, and if the true energy is weak, the person will be sick. Then people die, and the way to save life, Ai Zhuo is the first“. It also shows the role of Taoist moxibustion in enhancing, improving and restoring human immunity in thousands of years of practice.

In addition to moxibustion, if you want to improve your immunity and prevent diseases, you can control your diet, such as restricting alcohol, pickled foods, fried foods, Eat red meat and processed meat, and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. According to personal circumstances, you can choose different exercise methods such as running and dancing to exercise every day. Stay up late or stay up late, develop a good habit of going to bed early and getting up early, and improve the quality of sleep. In addition, maintaining a happy mood is also the basis of good health, and we must learn to vent bad emotions reasonably.