What are the reasons for the lack of nourishment of the tendons and the short time? And how to restore it scientifically?

Introduction~What are the reasons for the lack of nourishment of the tendons and the short time? And how to restore it scientifically?

There are many friends who always say that they are concerned about their own body Weakness doesn’t know how to treat it, and I don’t know how to have a good start. Too many places and theories confuse your eyes and make you very confused. You can treat this kind of problem from the liver, heart, spleen, lungs and kidneys. There is a reason to treat it from any viscera, but the final results are definitely different. It may be good, it may not be good, it may be good slowly, or it may be fast. But for patients, they definitely want to get better soon, and don’t want to take too many detours. After all, this problem is really urgent for many male friends who are facing marriage and childbirth.

For most people, the main cause of functional problems is too much mental damage, so no matter How to treat it will inevitably restore the lost essence. The fastest way to invigorate the essence is to invigorate the kidney and increase the storage capacity of the kidney. However, when we are deficient to a certain extent, the deficiency of the kidney will take a backseat. The weaker than the kidney is the spleen and stomach. It cannot produce a steady stream of water and grain essence, and thus cannot transform kidney essence, so this essence can only make you live with a low quality, and there is no quality of life to speak of. Similarly, many people always think about tonifying the kidney, and they are very prone to deficiency and not tonic, and nourishing and greasy products will hurt the spleen and stomach and aggravate the condition. Therefore, if you want to invigorate the kidney, you must strengthen the spleen and stomach. Only when the spleen and stomach are strong can the kidney be better replenished. The tendons must be nourished and maintained for a certain period of time that satisfies you.

Case analysis: Mr. Li is 40 years old this year, but his face looks like he is 50 or 60 years old The appearance of premature aging appears prematurely, and it is always unaffordable and the time is short. Because this problem has also tasted the warmth and coldness of the world, I spent a lot of money to see a doctor, and the disease did not get better. My daughter-in-law also lost patience and left me early because of this problem. Symptoms: 1. Deterioration of energy, 2. Premature graying of hair, 3. Dizziness and tinnitus, 4. Fatigue, 5. Insomnia and dreaminess, 6. Memory loss, 7. Poor appetite, always diarrhea, 8. Pale tongue, coating White, weak pulse. The comprehensive dialectic is deficiency of both the spleen and the kidney, and failure to keep the essence. Available Morinda officinalis, Cunyun, cumin, Rehmannia glutinosa, cornus, medlar, schisandra, Eucommia, Achyranthes bidentata, Chushizi, yam, Poria cocos, jujube, polygala, and calamus. Advise him to eat as lightly as possible and not to be overly anxious. After a period of time, I feel that the stool is formed, and the sleep quality increases and the functional problems are also alleviated.

For this kind of chronic problem, in addition to remedying the symptoms, usually We must ensure that we do not continue to leak, and insist on being pure-hearted and ascetic. It’s not asking you to do extreme rebooting, follow the requirements of Buddhist disciples, but just let nature take its course, live like a normal person, despise it strategically, and pay attention to it tactically. If you live in a sickness every day, some bad negative energy will not be good even if it is symptomatic.