“Meridian Healthy Exercises” a set of meridian exercises from head to toe, open up the meridians and eliminate all diseases

As we all know, Chinese medicine is the treasure of our country, which includes meridian health preservation. Meridians are the passages of Qi and blood in the human body. If the meridians are blocked, all kinds of diseases will arise, and more than half of the people have this problem.

We can learn meridian exercises to dredge the meridians and let the whole body move.

A set of meridian health exercises from head to toe, teaching you step by step!

Section 1: La Renmai

Action essentials: Feet shoulder-width apart, arms rotate 360 ​​degrees from front to back, lean back, head back , slowly withdraw.

Section 2: Ladu Meridian

Action essentials: Feet shoulder-width apart, arms rotate 360 ​​degrees from back to front, lower back, and slowly withdraw.

Section 3: Pulling pulse

Action essentials: left lunge, fingers crossed, palms up, bend the body to the left, stretch hard, slowly withdraw; right lunge, fingers crossed hands, palms up , bend the body to the right, stretch hard, and slowly retract.

Section Four: Knock on the Liver and Gallbladder Meridian

Action essentials: feet shoulder-width apart, squatting in a horse stance, with empty fists in both hands, start from the inner top of the knee joint, take four beats, knock to the groin, and then turn to the gallbladder meridian , starting from the Huantiao point, take four beats, knock to the outer top of the knee joint, and slowly retract.

Section 5: Balance Movement

< p data-track="13">Action essentials: feet shoulder-width apart, raise hands flat, squat, squat but not squat down, get up, not stand up straight, retract slowly.

Section 6: Breastbeat

< p data-track="15">Action essentials: stand upright, look forward, feet shoulder-width apart, put empty fists in front of your chest with both hands, keep your chest straight, your elbows braced, punch your left chest with your left fist , beat the right chest with the right fist, alternately beat, and slowly withdraw.

Section 7: Stamp

< p data-track="17">Action essentials: put the body weight on the right foot, stamp the left foot for four beats, then put the weight of the body on the left foot, stamp the right foot for four beats, alternating left and right.

This meridian health exercise, although it looks simple, can help the body to open up the meridians and make people healthy. There are many benefits to tapping them:

Laddock Pulse

In ancient Chinese medicine, everyone called the Governor Vessel as “the sea of ​​Yang vessels”. Once the yang qi of the Du channel is blocked, the disease will spread throughout the whole body. We stretch the entire Du channel by jumping on the meridian health exercises, so that the blood rushes in the body, and when it encounters a stasis point, it breaks through.

Pull belt pulse

The belt pulse mainly refers to the waist and abdomen around the body, which is the only horizontal belt pulse in our meridians We are most afraid of the cold, so we can heat up the veins through pulling, knocking and combing in the meridian exercises.

Tap the bladder meridian

Taping the bladder meridian frequently can not only improve the quality of blood supply to the brain, but also stimulate the cells of the brain nerves, so that everyone can have a better memory and be energetic all the time in a state of abundance.

Pounding the Stomach Meridian

The distance from the bottom of the collarbone to the fourth toe on both feet is called stomach meridian. Beating the stomach meridian can not only make people’s facial skin better, but also make the skin more lustrous. Even if you usually stay up late, you will basically not have a haggard face.

Tap the liver and gallbladder meridian

From the middle of the buttocks to the bottom of the ankle is the gallbladder meridian of the human body. If there is not enough bile, the oil in the food cannot be completely decomposed, and the hair will become particularly oily, especially in summer. Therefore, tapping the gallbladder meridian properly in life can not only speed up the secretion of bile, but also make everyone’s hair more beautiful.

Meridian health preservation will not be effective overnight, it needs long-term persistence, As a beginner, first of all, don’t be greedy, just do 5 minutes for each acupuncture point; secondly, pay attention to the strength and depth of the movement, and let the whole body’s energy and spirit be concentrated on the acupuncture points when doing it.

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Editor: Journal of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Nursing

Correspondent: Qin Shasha, Sun Lei, Wang Jingjing, Dong Wei