People are always busy in winter | Overwintering spinach in plastic greenhouses supports Beijing’s winter and spring vegetable market supply

Spinach is rich in various nutrients and can be eaten in various ways, and is very popular among consumers. Spinach is a cold-resistant vegetable. The optimum temperature for growth is 15-20°C. The lowest temperature is not lower than -10°C. According to monitoring, during the winter solstice period, the average nighttime temperature (20.30-6.30℃) of single-layer covered plastic greenhouses in Tongzhou, Beijing is -3.53℃, and the low temperature time below -10℃ accounts for 3% (accounting for nighttime), with an average of -11.06℃, the extreme minimum The temperature is -14.14°C for half an hour, and the average temperature during the day (8.00-17.00) is 11.43°C, which fully meets the production needs of overwintering spinach, and there have been successful production cases.

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In order to further increase the sowing area, increase the total vegetable production capacity, support the improvement of self-sufficiency rate, and enrich the market supply of early spring vegetable products in Beijing, the Beijing Agricultural Technology Extension Station launched Experimental demonstration and promotion of overwintering spinach production in plastic greenhouses.

One is to issue technical guidance before delivery< /strong>, on September 30th and October 9th, respectively, issued two opinions on, Beijing Beautiful Village and the WeChat public account of the station; The second is to carry out production demonstration, in Tongzhou, Shunyi, Changping, and Huairou Districts established 23 demonstration sites with an area of ​​73.5 mu, and demonstrated excellent new varieties such as Mofei, Shenglu 901, and Shengbo No. 1, and demonstrated the application of fine soil preparation, light and simple sowing, and water-saving drip irrigation The third is timely technical guidance, combined with business going to the countryside, vegetable production field evaluation and other technical guidance for production demonstration sites; The fourth is to focus on machine harvesting, high yield, high quality, etc. The index has carried out a variety introduction test, carried out experimental research on microbial growth promotion, nitrogen form, and the level of fertilization based on the total amount of nitrogen, etc., to enhance technical reserves.

Driven by the above work, it is estimated that the sown area of ​​overwintering spinach in greenhouses this year will be nearly 2,000 mu, which will increase by about 15% compared with last year. Based on the average yield of 1.5 tons per mu, the total supply in early spring will reach About 3000 tons.

Tongzhou District Demonstration Site

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Huairou District Test Site

Contributed by: Beijing Agricultural Technology Extension Station