Menstrual irregularities in male patients? The exposure of the diagnosis certificate caused controversy, the hospital: the registration staff made a mistake

According to Guizhou Radio and Television, on August 3, a male patient in Huachuan County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Heilongjiang, was diagnosed with irregular menstruation, which caused concern.

The diagnosis certificate shows that the patient is male, and the clinical diagnosis is irregular menstruation.

Can men have irregular menstruation? In response, Huachuan County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine responded that the incident happened six months ago. The patient was a girl, and her father registered for her. The registered staff thought the patient was a male, and made a mistake when entering the information, and the diagnosing doctor did not take it back in time. The prescription with misinformation was later posted online.

After the incident, the hospital has communicated with the patient and obtained their understanding.

[Source: Jiupai News Comprehensive Guizhou Radio and TV Station “People’s Attention”]

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