Men “can’t” this time, let’s talk seriously this time

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You may have been deceived by the title party countless times

But this time we have to talk about it seriously

Two words that every man is more or less afraid of:


Yes, don’t fool people or play side balls. Today, I’m here to talk seriously from a scientific point of view, what is going on with “not working in that respect” and how to solve it.

Daily and Nightly< /p>

Men and partners are looking for ways to avoid “no”

For example, from leeks, oysters< /p>

To various animal whips, geoducks and other mysterious ingredients

However, except that none of these solve the problem

We also have an important cold knowledge:

The real reason for “no”,


You may be wrong from the “root”.

And the wrong reasons lead to the wrong actions

It is difficult to make any improvements to the status quo


This article will be dismantled in detail Solve the root cause of “no”

Friends and partners who want to “change careers” scientifically and effectively

must watch To the end! !

“No”< /p>

Is it the fate of a man?

Although it belongs to the source of anxiety for men

But the real reason for “no”

In fact, it is divided into two categories:

One is premature ejaculation (PE)

< p>The main manifestation is that the latency of ejaculation is too short

“ejaculation” is too fast

The age distribution of premature ejaculation is relatively wide

Young people may also be affected

another Is impotence (erectile dysfunction, ED)

The inability to consistently obtain and maintain a sufficient erection

for satisfactory sex

With age, impotence will gradually increase.

The incidence of 40-year-old men is about 40%

So no matter how old a man is

as long as he is an adult

Anything can be anxiety about “No”


As to how common “no” is

You may have heard the saying:


Oh, it’s not that exaggerated.

An estimated 150 million men worldwide

suffer from varying degrees of erectile dysfunction

< /p>

The incidence of premature ejaculation is higher

according to patient complaints< /p>

The ratio can even be as high as two or three tenths

But what is the exact number?

Not so sure

*Both of these questions are highly subjective, and the statistical data may be biased

< /p>

There is a more tragic one: impotence and premature ejaculation

Studies show

up to half of Men with premature ejaculation also have impotence

and one-third of men with impotence also have premature ejaculation


Too bad.

Then, a good man

Why did it suddenly fail?

Why, why

No more?

Impotence and premature ejaculation are two different diseases

but they are both like

Barometer of Men’s Physical Health

Indicators of Men’s Mental Health

Let’s talk about premature ejaculation first~

Millions of years ago, our Human ancestors

It is not easy to fall in love

There are either beasts or poisonous snakes around


For them, “fast” is an advantage

otherwise there would be no us

Image source: from the Internet

But now, humans are safe

and women’s sexual response cycle

on average is a bit slower than men’s

< p>So “fast” becomes a problem

Then, how “fast” should a normal boy be?

Listen to the question

How long does it take for boys to go from “ready to launch” to “successful launch” on average?

Answer: B span>

A study of 500 couples in five Western countries showed that the median intravaginal ejaculation latency (IELT) in boys was 5.4 minutes. 18-30 years old is 6.5 minutes, and over 50 years old is 4.3 minutes.

So guys, be confident

Girls, this is really not an excuse for boys


Note that sex duration ≠ launch duration

A highly satisfying sex session

can’t be measured by just a few minutes

However, if love always comes “too fast”

you can’t control it

make yourself and your partner unhappy

< p> 

You can consider going to the hospital for premature ejaculation

Some cases of premature ejaculation are organic

but the research is not very clear

Foreskin, genital inflammation, and prostate disease

are all thought to be related to premature ejaculation

but circumcision does not help with premature ejaculation


There is still a large portion of premature ejaculation

looking for For no physical reason

Life stress, anxiety, depression

Mental stress while “driving”

partner Psychological factors such as contradictions between them

are also important reasons for premature ejaculation

< p>As for the concern that masturbation causes premature ejaculation

there is no scientific evidence

Moderate (twice a week), don’t be too rough

Worry about “self-healing” too much, but it will create anxiety

Affect normal sex life

Let’s talk about impotence~

< p>

The reason why Tintin can get an erection

is that the corpus cavernosum is filled with blood

This process requires nerves , blood flow, and hormones are involved together

Any chain loss may lead to impotence

“feeling hard enough” is a common anxiety

Then, how hard should a normal boy be?

Please listen

In the “online” state, how hard should a boy’s penis be?

strong<> span>Answer: C, B are barely acceptable.

If is always unable to achieve the proper hardness

or it can be achieved but not enough time

Cause dissatisfaction with yourself and your partner

You can consider going to the hospital for impotence

Image source: from the Internet

The possible reasons related to impotence more

this basic

boys’ various unhealthy lifestyles

and mental disorders

Yes Impotence may be

signal of many chronic cardiovascular diseases, research suggests

ED Will appear earlier than ischemic heart disease

53.4 months (more than four years)

In addition, testosterone deficiency caused by various endocrine diseases


And pelvic area trauma and surgery

May also cause physiological erectile dysfunction

Because of many reasons

Impotence has also become a kind of


Many people are dominated by psychological factors

so they eat raw oysters and leeks

It has become a placebo for “sincere heart”

Picture from the Internet Image source: >

Although it’s useless

But if it can help you mentally build up

It’s not harmful

However, no wild animal is “aphrodisiac”

It’s marketing bragging

It won’t work, but only punish


How Science Works

Saving ‘No’?

Now that you understand it

impotence and premature ejaculation

both< /p>

Barometer, Indicator for Men’s Physical and Mental Health

Then throw away all kinds of home remedies

From now on, start seriously:

Losing weight, exercising more

Studies show that approximately three hours of jogging per week can significantly improve sexual function.


Studies have shown that long-term smoking can lead to impotence.

Real men dare to face the dangers of quitting smoking.

Solve sleep disturbances

especially sleep problems caused by sleep apnea.

Don’t stress yourself out too much

Stress, depression, and emotional problems can all affect your sex life.

Build a rapport with your partner

As long as there is a partner, male sexual dysfunction is not a problem In human warfare, some psychological and behavioral training needs to be carried out by both parties.

See a doctor and choose a reliable drug

Seeing a doctor for male sexual dysfunction is not Shame, but found a shortcut to solve the problem. At present, medical methods have been able to effectively improve impotence and premature ejaculation.

In addition to the famous “Little Blue Tablets”, there are actually more options for drugs to improve erectile dysfunction, and the clinical efficacy of oral drugs can reach 70%~ 80%.

To improve premature ejaculation, there are also a variety of clinically proven procedures such as SSRIs (such as dapoxetine), topical anesthetics, and behavioral therapy.

However, it is recommended not to listen to the propaganda of those pheasant hospitals and perform “premature ejaculation surgery” casually.

Finally, a quiz:

Please listen

Many boys think that as long as they have a long size, good technique, and a long time, they can get the “harmony” they want. So the question is, what is the normal/extraordinary level?

“Andrology Diagnostics” pointed out that the average length of Chinese male erection is ___________ cm.

Want to know the correct answer, please go to 【Dr. Clove】< strong>Official account background dialog box, reply “Big Banana” to get it. Friends who received the answer, please do not miss the question in the comment area.

Note that it is not on the Lilac Doctor APP

The anxiety of boys is always not long enough, erection is not hard enough, and vitality is not strong enough . Here’s a reminder: don’t compare yourself to “actors”.

And for girls, “mechanical performance” may not be that important. What many women actually want more is atmosphere, feeling, emotional connection, understanding and fun.

Resolving sexual dysfunction and relieving related anxiety is only the first step to “harmony”. Partners also need to communicate a little more, and be less disgusted, to build an ideal love life together.

If you have a good , you can forward this to him(we) comparison, and let’s make science together male.

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< p>

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