“Meeting and Greeting” for joining the group

“meeting ceremony” for joining the group

The prose society, as the name suggests: because the prose is not scattered, it is hard to learn.

I In the past, I couldn’t write prose to myself, and I was always worried. I respect from the bottom of my heart those who can write prose, especially those who write good prose, and especially those who have been retired for many years and still keep writing prose. For example, the weight of the old comrade-in-arms Li Guoxuan has never been light in my mind, and it is getting heavier and heavier.

in In my opinion, the prose society is full of talents and a gathering of talents. This is a garden for prose creation and exchange, a place for brewing spiritual food, a place for maintaining cultural self-confidence, a highland for inheriting advanced culture, and a holy place for cultivating and purifying the soul.

I Join the prose society group, self-recommendation, national election recommendation, Xingwen recommendation. I hope to get together with you emotionally, and I am eager to learn prose writing from you. If my wish can be realized, I will enter a warm family again and apply for a good school. I sincerely hope that you will give me a lot of guidance and help.

Guoxuan called me senior brother, I can accept it because I am one year older than him. Wen Xing calls me teacher, I know this is Wen Xing’s way of being friends and respecting others. However, I think it would be fine to regard an older person as a teacher, but in the literary world, it seems that teachers and students should be judged by the level of education, the quality of works, and the degree of influence. Now I am called a teacher, and I feel ashamed.

Speaking of it, I am not afraid that everyone will laugh at me. During my time in the army, I was transferred from the propaganda officer of the Political Department of the Harbin Garrison District to the “Northeast Militia” magazine of the Political Department of the Shenyang Military Region on April 29, 1977. As an editor, in November 1986, he was transferred from the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Fourth Editorial Office of the Military Region’s “Forward News” (Note: “Northeast Militia” magazine was included in the military region’s “Forward News” in the compilation) to the Secretary of the Military Region Command Office As a secretary, I worked as an editor for ten years. In the end, I didn’t even get a title (at that time, military and local news units did not evaluate titles), but I was just a “barefoot editor”. I have been a member of the Provincial Writers Association for 18 years, and I have never published a literary work “like that” in a newspaper. At best, I can be regarded as a writer with “no reputation”. When I was more than seventy years old, I was drawn into the Provincial Prose Society Group. I “rummaged through the box” and did not find a “meeting gift” that could be “handled”. He jokingly said: “The older you get, the less trouble you will have.” It is purely an “old child” who doesn’t understand the truth.

After much deliberation, we must not be ashamed of Guoxuan and Wenxing Sincerely, I am determined to give everyone a standard military salute without gold content as a “double soldier” (a “veteran” with a 35-year military career, and a member who has just entered the prose gathering group of the province recruits).

This The “meeting ceremony” is not only a helpless act of my lack of “hard goods”, but also a result of the emotion of “the friendship between gentlemen is as light as water”!

Written one by one on November 29, 2022 When Secretary-General Huang Xingwen invited me to join the group