Mao Zixin: Youth Ferryman

Mao Zixin, Grade 9, Chengdu Affiliated Middle School, Beijing International Studies University

And will try new tea, poetry and wine while she is young.


As far as the other side goes, there is neither wind nor rain Qing’s calmness is Jiang Haiji’s tranquility for the rest of his life, and it is the courage to try new tea with new fire. It was you who supported me in a small boat and accompany me to the other shore, and it was you who wrote poetry and wine to ferry me over the years. It’s you, Su Shi.

The rain falls silently, hazy and poetic, but it also seems to block my vague future. Sitting on the bed, infusion. Watching the medicinal liquid drop drop by drop, there is little left in the bottle. Is the time left for me gradually running out? Suffering from allergic diseases, not incurable, but too long. In addition to infusions and drinking Chinese medicine all day long, it is learning and tears. The learning progress that can no longer be kept up, the liquid that can never be lost, screams at me again and again: You have lost in this life.

But you say, bamboo sticks and mans shoes are lighter than horses, and who is afraid, a cloud of mist and rain will live for life. The breeze is elegant, and it always knows the heart. It leans through the window and opens the pages of the book. Under the moonlight, what catches my eye is this sentence: Go back, there will be no wind or rain. I am no longer flustered and irritable, and I have entrusted myself to you thousands of years ago.

You are not surprised to see me coming, and you are not surprised to hear the wind and rain wear through the forest and beat the leaves, bamboo sticks and awning shoes, and you are not surprised to see me coming. You are always so calm and calm. But you said that the boat passed away from then on, and the rivers and seas lived for the rest of their lives. You told me slowly about those times of spring and autumn, either in high spirits or in officialdom. Just like me who was born to the sun before. Now that you have been demoted, you shouldn’t be depressed, just because you can understand the meaning of the white cloud and express your feelings in the breeze.

I said I was afraid that I would not be able to climb to the top again, but you said no need to worry. You, who are by the Huangzhou River, have been here for the fifth year. The angry horse in fresh clothes and the wind and smoke are only separated by a cut of time. But you have never been depressed, but held my hand with countless pinholes. But you said, the mist and rain are dark, and poetry and wine take advantage of the years. The night is quiet, you told me not to give up, to live in the sun.

You have passed through the remote and poor villages of Huangzhou, and your heart is quiet and dust-free, and you have a taste of “the taste of the world is pure joy”; It’s a cold day”; you pass through the West Lake in Hangzhou, your heart is firm and peaceful, and you chant “light makeup is always suitable”. You never gave up, but put your love on landscape poetry; you never flinched, but went up against the journey and was born to the sun.

You said that even if you have a disease, it can always be cured, so you don’t have to be passive. Even if all the flavors in the world are bitter, but if you are firm in your heart, you can also taste the fragrance. You handed me a cup of tea, saying that life is like this, the first taste is bitter, but it has its own fragrance. What I am afraid of is the passage of time, and what I am afraid of is that I can no longer stand on the top of the mountain, but this is all because I have no courage to break into the world. You said, let’s try the new tea with the new fire, and the poetry and wine take advantage of the years. It takes hard work and perseverance to go backwards.

The epiphany, why bother to make this life absurd because of a small illness. The human heart is truly vast, and no matter what situation we are in, we have the courage to move forward all the way. Poetry and wine take advantage of the years, and I have realized your words – youth that should not be wasted, not a lifetime of regrets caused by temporary negativity.

Bright moon and breeze, I am reborn, so sunny, so brave. You took me to the other side, accompany me to walk on the other side paved with bluestone slabs, you are a river of misty rain, a firm sun, a rebirth from a journey, and you who are worth remembering for a lifetime.

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