Man vomits 1000ml of blood after drinking iced black tea in one breath! It occurs frequently in summer, the doctor reminds…

Source: News Night Sail

According to the Heilongjiang Network Radio and TV Station “News Night Sail”, on July 19, a man in Harbin, Heilongjiang vomited 1,000 ml of blood after drinking iced iced black tea in one breath. , attracting attention.

It is reported that in the emergency room of the Qunli Hospital of the First Hospital of Harbin Medical University, a man vomited blood with his waist bent, the total amount was about 1000 ml, and the doctor rescued it in time . The doctor said, “The patient is in the early stage of shock and is in a hazy state.”

The man stated that he was 38 years old and in good physical condition. Due to the hot weather, after drinking the iced iced black tea in one gulp, I felt uncomfortable afterwards. The doctor reminds: the summer is hot, people like cold drinks and cold food. According to Professor Ma Zhibin, this will just stimulate the digestive tract. In life, it is not uncommon for patients to suffer massive hemorrhage due to a torn cardia. Once it occurs, it may be life-threatening, and people must pay more attention. Try to eat some warm food, including some cold beer or something, and reduce the amount and speed of eating according to your personal situation.