Take the sublime as the foundation of life

This article is reproduced from: People’s Liberation Army Daily

The poet Li Hao’s military poetry collection “Reminiscence of a Voice” (Baishan Publishing House) was placed on my desk. Since I once served in the Air Force, and both like to write poetry, I have a sense of intimacy and identification with this poetry collection from the bottom of my heart.

As a comrade-in-arms, I read each of these poems carefully, and deeply appreciate the author’s nostalgia and gratitude for military life: “I miss a voice/Our once young thoughts/Begin to mature/ And the name of the republic / is still very loud.” (“Missing a Voice”) Remembering is a kind of warmth and a belief. Loving, is a kind of loyalty, is a kind of gratitude. In the collection of poems, the poet has a deep affection for his military life, the soldiers, and the poetry writing of the people’s army, and is full of deep emotions. As he wrote of his “father” in “Reading Father’s Diary”: “His name is green/His military uniform is patched/He is a small driver/He also has the habit of keeping a diary…” One read The “patched” “military uniform”, “little driver”, and the habit of “writing a diary” are poems with individual elements, which will make people involuntarily think of the name of Lei Feng, the role model that people will always admire. At the end of the poem, he wrote again, “He is a star that will not fall / He is immortal in billions of hearts / Just like a father’s diary if lost / I will ache in my heart”. These poems that reach the depths of the soul will always make people feel a kind of silent moving.

Contemporary military poetry stands proudly at the forefront of poetry development with its unique heroism, idealism and lofty, masculine and magnificent character, inspiring every revolutionary soldier to carry forward the patriotic spirit and inherit the red gene It also provides people with irreplaceable and enterprising spiritual food. “Sand poured out of the shoe/grain/accumulating the journey/this pair of shoes/once made a stagnant China/begin to move” (“Liberation Shoes”); “Snow Mountains and Grass/All belong to the memory of textbooks/and needlework Bags are always a kind of / A call to victory / Patches have become a motto / We are warmed for life because of this” (“Sewing Kit”)… Liberation shoes and sewing kits are indispensable objects in the development and growth of our army, and more It is an image element that cannot be ignored in military poetry. This is a pair of shoes leading to victory. With this pair of shoes, the People’s Army has continued to move from victory to victory. In “Sewing Kit”, the poet sublimates one thing into a spiritual totem, and extends the sewing kit, which represents hardship, simplicity and overcoming difficulties, as “a call to victory”, and takes the patch that exists because of sewing as a motto. , to warm up your life… If you haven’t experienced the long-distance march and zipper wearing Jiefang shoes, and the experience of opening the sewing bag distributed by the company and sewing quilts and mending clothes one by one, you will not be able to write such soulful poems. And the profound belief that emerges from the poetry.

Excellent military poems must not only have a grand writing of “big vision, big feelings, and grand style”, but also must be full of feelings of sacrifice and responsibility. “The essence of the Long March is / to turn the dead end / to the road of life” (“The Meadow”); “When you enter a museum / A pair of straw sandals that have never rotted / Leather shoes that are bright enough / Overshadowed / Thought is very solid” (” Straw sandals “); “a soldier in a queue/like a wave/in the sea/the movement of the team/in fact it is a surging process/in a posture of overwhelming mountains/on the monument/one after another” (“In the Queue” )… In these poetic structures that can not only recognize the origin, but also look forward to the future, the broad vision and feelings, the style and the feelings are all listed. What is amazing is that although the author has not been in the barracks for a long time, he has given all his emotions outside his work to the barracks and the images associated with the barracks. The love of life is integrated into the lines of poetry, thus forming its own unique style of tough poetry.

The poet wrote in the postscript to this collection of poems: “The existence of military poetry is the existence of lofty values.” After many years of retirement, the poet still remembers the creation and research of military poetry, which shows its strong Inseparable military sentiment. I personally think that once a poet has military life as a background, his poetry must have a unique taste.