Many people in Shaoxing were given yellow codes, official response!

In the early morning of November 23, affected by the “11.22” epidemic in Shengzhou, some people in Xinchang County, Shaoxing City were given yellow codes, which became a hot spot for everyone topic.

What should I do after being assigned a yellow code? Do you need to stay at home? The reporter learned from the Xinchang County Health Bureau that due to the impact of the “11·22” epidemic in Shengzhou, some people in Xinchang County were given yellow codes. If such a situation occurs, don’t panic, please take personal protection immediately, go to the nearest voluntary inspection point to carry out three-day nucleic acid inspection (once a day, three consecutive days) days), after the result is negative, the health code will be automatically converted to a green code. During this period, you can carry out necessary production and life, do not participate in gathering activities, do not enter public places, and do not take public transportation.

Here, We also call on the general public to actively cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control work, do not go to risk areas or areas with case reports unless necessary, continue to carry out the normalized nucleic acid testing of “three days and one inspection”, and take personal protection and wear masks , wash hands frequently, ventilate frequently, do not gather, scan and check the “site code”, and jointly build a solid epidemic prevention barrier. Those who come from outside the province and risk areas must report in a timely manner and participate in nucleic acid testing according to regulations. Before the test results are negative, they should control the scope of activities and strictly abide by the “three nos” regulations.