Main management work of grape seedlings in autumn (middle)

Main management of grape seedlings in autumn (middle)

After picking grapes, in the face of the danger of tree weakness, we must pay attention to the management of the orchard, strengthen the potential of the trees, supplement nutrition, and lay a good foundation for the next year’s harvest. 1. Apply sufficient base fertilizer  Production practice shows that the earlier the base fertilizer is applied in autumn, the better. Generally, 2000 kg of soil miscellaneous fertilizer, ring manure, compost and other organic fertilizers are used for every 667 square meters, and phosphate is added…


Facing the danger of tree vigor weakening after picking grapes, we must pay attention to the management of the orchard, strengthen the tree vigor, supplement nutrition, and prepare for a good harvest in the coming year Lay a good foundation.

Third, anti-flow glue and water

Red lifting is easy to flow glue, which leads to weak grape seedlings and affects the normal growth of trees. Therefore, during the dormant period, use an awl needle to pierce two rows of holes around the tender skin of the grape seedlings or tree stems, and then use a brush to brush the positive ion active agent “Kao No. The running water controls the rapid growth of the vines, so that the grape seedlings will bloom early in the coming year, and the more blooms, the flowers will not fall, and the fruit will be strong.

4. Winter pruning

Prune as early as possible. The pruning time should not be carried out after the sap flows (from mid-March to late March), otherwise wounds will easily occur, the wounds will not heal easily, and the nutrient loss will be serious, which will affect flowering and fruit. The purpose of winter pruning is to dredge useless and dense branches, branches with diseases and insect pests, residual old branches and vines, cut off the original branches and vines, and choose to retain the fruit branches of the second year.