Xinghualing District, Taiyuan City: “Hardcore War Epidemic, Warm Protection” – Group portrait of “War Epidemic” in R&F City Community, Dunhuafang Street

Since the outbreak of this round of epidemic, the Party Committee of R&F City Community, Dunhuafang Street, Xinghualing District, Taiyuan City has always adhered to the guidance of party building, conscientiously implemented the requirements of epidemic prevention and control work, and put the epidemic prevention and control As the most important political task at present, lead all party members and cadres, grid members, grid assistants, and volunteers to devote themselves to the front line of the fight against the epidemic, fight side by side, and fight against the “epidemic”.

Leading by party building, leading geese flutter their wings and flock of geese fly

After the outbreak of the epidemic, Qin Rui, secretary of the R&F City Community Party Committee, took the lead in rushing to the front line of community epidemic prevention, faced up to difficulties, coordinated the overall situation, made arrangements for implementation, and led the “two committees” of the community to coordinate and solve various problems. question. As the first person in charge of the community, facing the complex and severe epidemic situation, he kept learning, absorbing experience, innovating working methods, making more scientific and precise arrangements for the community’s epidemic prevention work, and became the leader who led the community cadres to fight the “epidemic” together. “Backbone”; in the face of the hard work of community workers, he provides logistical support, transports medical staff, transfers samples, and is a strong backing for community workers; in the face of residents’ complaints and incomprehension, he listens patiently and explains carefully , keep in mind the original mission of the party members, solve problems for the masses, lead his soldiers to work hard, dare to fight hard, and go all out to protect the health and safety of the people.

Grid service is praised by everyone< /span>

“This community is our home, the residents of the community are our family, and the home should be guarded by ourselves. Let’s do this Nothing…” This was the voice of grid assistant Wan Dongwei blurted out. Grid members are an important force in epidemic prevention and control. From publicizing and explaining epidemic prevention policies and control measures, to taking out garbage for residents and delivering supplies, grid members are present in every front-line post in the community. Staff, volunteers, devoted themselves to nucleic acid sampling work – arrived at the “battlefield” at 6:30 in the morning, placed tables and chairs, scanned codes, guided maintenance of order, statistical information, cleaning and cleaning… until the end of work at 1:30 noon, guarantee Nucleic acid sampling should be thoroughly inspected. They worked tirelessly, worked hard, joined the fight against the epidemic with enthusiasm for the community, contributed to the protection of their homeland, and used their actions to protect the safety of their homeland.

Ping An

“Hi comrades, I would like to ask, do we still need volunteers? Is there anything suitable for us? My wife and I are willing to participate…” Gao Laifu, born in 1946, and Wang Bianying, born in 1949, wore party emblems and asked volunteers if there was anything they could do, expressing their willingness to join the anti-epidemic voluntary service activities. “You see, I am a retired soldier and I have even held a gun. This is a photo I took back then,” Gao Laifu told the volunteers proudly. The words “thank you” moved the volunteers, and the words “we can come” made the volunteers respectful. In times of crisis, Gao Laifu and his wife are willing to charge forward to protect the safety of the people, and never forget to play the role of party members and show the demeanor of veteran party members.

Sinking cadres to relieve public worries< /span>

“Hold this, warm your hands, it won’t be too cold”, “Where is this posted? Is this okay? Slightly Wait until I find another warm water bag…” Such concerned words kept appearing near the sampling station. According to the operating procedures, medical staff and code scanners cannot wear warm gloves during code scanning, sampling, and disinfection. Therefore, in the face of severe cold, their hands are frozen. The sinking cadres of Xinghualing No. 7 Middle School Seeing this, Han Xiangang felt anxious and took the initiative to provide them with warm products such as baby warmers and warm water bags to help them relieve the cold. The staff did their best for the residents with sincerity, and the sinking cadres escorted “Dabai” with warmth.

Property joint defense, justice to help each other

“Hello, where are you going? Please show your work certificate and nucleic acid certificate.” The property staff at the gate of the community will ask everyone who leaves the community. The community is the most basic line of defense for epidemic prevention and control. After the silent management of the community, the R&F City community resident The property and the community work together, relying on the “red property” service mechanism, mobilize community property staff, cleaners and security personnel, quickly put into the battle of epidemic prevention and control, and build a red “anti-epidemic wall” for prevention and control. The resident property strictly follows the Prevention and control requirements, implement the on-duty duty system, standardize and refine the prevention and control operation process, set up a duty point at the gate of the community as soon as possible, and assign special personnel to be on duty 24 hours a day, strictly check and control the vehicles and personnel entering and leaving the community, and strictly control the community going out Off.

The epidemic is not over yet, and the goal has not been reached. R&F The urban community party committee will continue to adhere to the leadership of party building, continue to play an exemplary and leading role, and lead all staff in the community to continue to fight on the front line of the epidemic, practice the spirit of volunteerism with practical actions, achieve lawful, precise, and scientific prevention and control, and do a good job in epidemic prevention and control. accuse the “gatekeeper”.

There is no winter that cannot be overcome, and there is no spring that will not come. The epidemic will eventually pass, and we will eventually welcome Come to the victory of this “hard core war epidemic”.

Source: Xinghualing Group (Correspondent: Han Xiaozhe)