Loufan County, Taiyuan City: Qin Xiaodong went deep into Tianchidian Township to investigate and guide “epidemic-free communities (villages)”

On the morning of November 26, Qin Xiaodong, Member of the Standing Committee of the Loufan County Party Committee and Director of the Organization Department of Taiyuan City, went to Dashu Village, Tianchidian Township to investigate and guide the creation of “epidemic-free communities (villages)”, Listen to the township party committee secretary Zhao Shengmao’s report on the establishment of “epidemic-free (community) villages” in the township, and then go to Dashu Village to check and understand the implementation of the “epidemic-free (community) villages” establishment working mechanism, and put forward guiding opinions.

Qin Xiaodong emphasized that the establishment of “epidemic-free communities (villages)” is an important measure to implement the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and provincial and municipal committees, and it is also an important measure to strengthen the construction of the grassroots governance system. The important means are concrete actions to implement the management measures for epidemic prevention and control and to strengthen the “last mile” line of defense for epidemic prevention and control.

First, Clearly understand the severe and complex situation facing the current epidemic prevention and control, improve your position, coordinate and cooperate, and suppress Responsibilities will be tightened, with grid management as the starting point, we will actively strive to create a “plague-free village”, and make every effort to build a safe line of defense for epidemic prevention and control. Second point Strengthen overall planning, improve the prevention and control organization system of “one office and nine groups” at the village level, keep in touch with reality, refine the division of tasks, implement various prevention and control work mechanisms, and build a solid defense system control security barriers. Three musts Deepen and fine-grain grid management, give full play to the role of the grid party group and micro-grid members, achieve accurate and normalized household inspections, and comprehensively improve the efficiency of grid linkage work. Build a security wall for epidemic prevention and control.

Source: Lou Fan Group