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Author: Liu Jianfeng

Abdominal pain, diarrhea, mucus in stool, yes The main symptoms of chronic colitis. Abdominal pain is paroxysmal and spasmodic, and the pain is located in the lower left abdomen. When it hurts, you need to defecate, and the pain is relieved after defecation, which is its main feature.

Diseases with similar symptoms include chronic dysentery and irritable bowel syndrome.

This disease belongs to the category of “Xia Li”, “abdominal pain”, “diarrhea” and “rest dysentery” in traditional Chinese medicine. But no matter what, it is not easy to completely cure.

Mr. Zhu Liangchun’s “Xianju Decoction”, with proper addition and subtraction, has a good clinical effect on the disease.

The formula is:

Agrimony 30g, Campanulaceae 8g, Hibiscus 9g, Atractylodes macrocephala 9g, Paeoniae Alba 9g, Muxiang 5g, Betel nut 1.2g, Ume charcoal 1.5g, Pulsatilla 10g, Licorice 5g.

Mr. Zhu Liangchun said: “For those with chronic diarrhea that cannot be cured repeatedly and is lingering and difficult to resolve, the syndrome differentiation often has the side of spleen deficiency and qi weakness, and the presence of damp and heat retention, showing signs of mixed deficiency and excess. The spleen restrains yin, and it must clear away dampness and heat to achieve the effect.

Yuzhixianju Decoction is based on this, and it is mainly used to treat chronic diarrhea due to spleen deficiency and damp-heat. , greasy fur, red tip of the tongue, soft pulse, etc., including allergic colitis, ulcerative colitis, and acute episodes of chronic dysentery.

Among them, Agrimony is not only good at stopping bleeding, but also has the function of curing dysentery and strengthening.

“Southern Yunnan “Compendium of Materia Medica” contains this product as ‘treating red and white dysentery’.

In my personal experience, this product can not only cure dysentery, but also promote the recovery of intestinal absorption function, and it is most beneficial for chronic diarrhea of ​​spleen deficiency and damp heat type, which can be described as one drug with multiple effects.


Greenflower, “Bielu of Famous Doctors” contains ‘strengthening the five viscera and intestines, nourishing blood and qi, warming the middle and eliminating grains’;

“Da Ming Materia Medica” contains ‘nourishing blood and draining pus’;

“Compendium of Materia Medica” contained ‘diarrhea and abdominal pain’.

Jiuxie uses it to expel pus to treat dysentery. For loose stools with sticky cold, bellflower is very effective. Atractylodes macrocephala and woody fragrance invigorate the spleen and regulate qi.

Radix Paeoniae Alba, Black Prune, and Glycyrrhizin are sour and sweet, good at curing diarrhea and abdominal pain. If the abdominal pain is severe, the dosage of Radix Paeoniae Alba and Radix Glycyrrhizae can be increased. The dosage of Radix Paeoniae Alba is 15-30g. White hibiscus flower is sweet and flat, clears heat and dampness, cools blood, and can quickly improve symptoms of damp heat in the lower Jiao.

Betel nut is originally a medicine for dispelling stagnation, stagnation, and insecticide. A small amount is good at promoting qi and reducing swelling, and it is used for diarrhea and severe abdominal distension.

Qin and Lian should be used sparingly and temporarily, because of the bitter and cold taste, if they are overdone, they will injure the spleen, impair yang and consume yin, and special attention should be paid to chronic diarrhea of ​​spleen deficiency.

Pulsatilla and white hibiscus can enhance the effect of clearing away dampness and heat without any disadvantages. “

“Spleen-deficiency damp-heat chronic diarrhea, improper treatment, often lose sight of the other. A product with a sweet taste that invigorates the spleen, and helps dampness and heat generation;

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Bitter cold and dry dampness, severe damage to yang and yin.

Xianju decoction combined with tonifying and reducing has the effect of invigorating the spleen and constricting yin, clearing away dampness and heat, and treating symptoms of deficiency and excess, neither blocking love and evil, nor having the disadvantage of attacking and harming righteousness.

This party platycodon japonica and betel nut can enhance clearness and reduce turbidity;

Betel nut five ebony charcoal, interchangeable with plugs;

Wood fragrance and white peony, qi and camp.

In the prescription, there is no ginseng and qi tonic, no qin and lian to reduce the bitterness, no nitrate and yellow tonic, the cover intestine is flexed and circled, long-term dysentery is empty and evil, damp and hot linger, it is not easy to clear up for a while, tonic will hinder evil, attack The next is to injure the body, so it is advisable to eliminate and tonify both, and to combine it with tonic, and it is consistent with the pathogenesis. “

In the clinical treatment of chronic inflammatory bowel disease, I took Agrimony and Campanulaceae two flavors in the prescription of Mr. Zhu Liangchun. If the temper is subsided, the diarrhea water sample will not smell bad, and those who cannot be cured after long-term treatment, each combination of Buzhong Yiqi Decoction;

If there is deficiency of kidney yang, continuous diarrhea, or excessive diarrhea, limbs are not warm, and the body is cold and afraid of cold, take Zhenren Yangzang Decoction or Sishen Pill;

If there is a pathogenesis of strong liver and weak spleen, the symptom is abdominal pain Diarrhea, for those who relieve pain after diarrhea, the main formula is to relieve pain every time.

For long-term diarrhea with watery stools, it must be accompanied by astringent and astringent to achieve good results. I often add pomegranate peel and red stone fat to the prescription.

If you poop If there is dampness, heat or stagnation inside, use Sophora flavescens to clear away heat and dampness every five times, and hawthorn, divine comedy, and rhubarb to eliminate stagnation.

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