Tian Kundao: Use a glass of sweet honey water to warm the cold winter

Long winter days

How to relieve worries

Only delicious food can heal people’s hearts

In the cold In winter

use a cup of steaming honey water

to warm the time

Tian Kundao white honey & bar honey: produced in Changbai Mountain, it is linden tree nectar.

Every year from mid-June to mid-July is the flowering period of linden trees. When linden flowers are in full bloom, the woods are filled with fragrant aromas.

The linden flower is very small, each flower consists of five petals, five stigmas, and the middle contains bright honey.

Tian Kundao black honey : Produced in Changbai Mountain, it is linden nectar.

Black honey is picked from northeast black bees. Heifeng is cold-resistant and can survive winters below minus 30 degrees Celsius, and can still collect honey in temperatures as low as 8 degrees Celsius.

Honey comes from linden tree honey at an altitude of 1800-2500 meters. It is green in quality, high in active enzyme components, and has a strong and unique taste. It is a treasure for health care.

Honey language gift box consists of linden tree white honey 330g*2, wooden spoon.

This gift box uses an industrial gift box as the outer packaging, and the inner packaging is a glass bottle with an acacia wood bottle cap, with different natural textures.

The appearance adopts dawn color as the background color for large areas, and the early sun When rising, the golden sunshine color represents hope and vitality.

The design element uses hand-painted linden flowers, elegant and fresh. Let the colors be targeted and rationally matched and scientifically arranged to make them in a coordinated and unified state.

The overall packaging is festive and classy, ​​and can be used for holiday gifts, wedding souvenirs, etc.

Turn life to the taste you like

In the sweet honey water

Taste winter~
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