Linzi Rural Commercial Bank’s “addition, subtraction, multiplication and division” improves service efficiency

Since the beginning of this year, Linzi Rural Commercial Bank has made good use of the four measures of “addition, subtraction, multiplication and division” to continuously optimize the financial service model and improve service efficiency.

Do a good job of “addition” and enhance inclusive services. Linzi Rural Commercial Bank focuses on the convenience of financial services, and by continuously sinking the service center and extending the service tentacles, it turns the “last mile” of serving the masses into “zero distance”. Established 51 business outlets and 255 inclusive financial service stations, and undertook the distribution of 28 agricultural subsidies, realizing basic financial services without leaving the village; solidly promoted the “one-card universal” project of social security cards, and issued a total of 289,300 social security cards, accounting for 44.56% of the total number of social security cards issued in the district; unimpeded service channels for the convenience of the people, built 19 sub-branches as “government service convenience service points”, and established 32 mobile convenience financial service teams to enter villages and communities to provide “staggered and delayed” financial services , A total of 31,000 door-to-door service people.

Do a good job of “subtraction” and give full play to intelligent services. The bank continued to improve the overall layout of outlets, systematically promoted the allocation of positions, personnel, and equipment, simplified the operation of the internal control business system, increased the promotion of aggregated payment and online shopping malls, promoted the upgrading of mobile banking and social security cards, and comprehensively promoted the construction of smart halls. Solve the problems of customers filling orders, operating and waiting, and continuously improve customer service experience. As of the end of October, there were 77 smart teller machines and 211,800 mobile banking users.

Do a good job of “multiplication” and promote value-added services. The bank has strengthened government-bank cooperation, built a financial system “smart government hall”, and realized personal credit inquiry, human resources self-service, real estate self-service, business registration service, comprehensive government service, invoice issuance, living payment, etc. 38 categories, 102 A government service stationed in bank outlets, opening a new model of convenient service; building a “finance +” medical insurance service site, adding a “smart human and social comprehensive window”, and connecting to the city’s “one-stop” self-service system, and continuously deepening “finance + government” services Connotation. As of the end of October, the “Smart Government Affairs Hall” has served more than 19,000 people and handled more than 21,000 transactions.

Do a good job of “division” and strengthen worry-relieving services. The bank conscientiously implements the requirements of the practical activities of “doing practical things for the masses”, extensively carries out voluntary services and public welfare activities such as environmental protection, civilized city creation, poverty alleviation, helping the orphans and the disabled, financial knowledge promotion, etc. A heart-warming bank with warmth. Since the beginning of this year, more than 700 customer feedback series activities have been held; more than 70 voluntary service activities have been carried out; 19 financial education research bases have been established, and students and parents have been invited to bank outlets to carry out more than 30 research and education practice activities; There were more than 500 publicity sessions on financial knowledge such as fundraising, benefiting more than 50,000 people.