The lowest temperature is -10°C! There will be strong cold waves, rain and snow in Tai’an from 28 to 30

At 10:20 on November 26, 2022

Tai’an Meteorological Bureau

Important weather forecast

Tai’an will appear on the 28th~30th Strong cold wave

Affected by the strong cold air, it is expected that Tai’an will experience strong cooling, strong winds and light to moderate rain from the 28th to the 30th. The cooling range during the process reached about 16℃, and some parts were 18~20℃; the lowest temperature was -10~-8℃, which appeared on the morning of the 30th. At the same time, there will be strong winds, on the 28th to 30th, the north wind will be 4 to 5 and the gust will be 7 to 8.

In addition, from the night of the 26th to the morning of the 28th, the city was cloudy with light to moderate rain; on the 29th there were light rain and snow locally.

This severe cold wave weather has a large drop in temperature, accompanied by northerly winds and rainy and snowy weather, which will have adverse effects on transportation, energy supply, outdoor operations, agricultural production, and epidemic prevention and control. According to the 1978 According to the results of the meteorological disaster risk survey, this process may bring some meteorological disaster risks, please take precautions in advance.

Early November 26

Tai’an Meteorological Observatory

Seven-day forecast


Source: Taian Weather