Diabetic foot ulceration is serious, how to avoid amputation? These 4 steps must be done

Diabetic foot is usually a serious secondary infection. For example, foot ulcers are serious, and some even have to amputate their limbs to save their lives. Therefore, how to avoid amputation has become the most concern of many diabetic patients. topic. Experts from the Third People’s Hospital of Jinan City said that if diabetic feet want to avoid amputation, the following four steps must be done well.

Basic treatment stage< /b>

In the basic treatment stage, it is necessary to control blood sugar, improve microcirculation, dredge the large blood vessels of the lower limbs, and anti-infection treatment, which can effectively control diabetic foot ulcers.

Diabetic foot removal stage

Generally, after the basic treatment stage, it will improve, especially the infection will be controlled, including Both macrocirculation and microcirculation will be improved to varying degrees, and other complications of diabetic foot have also been controlled.

However, drugs and surgical debridement must be used to control the ulceration of the feet, prevent the formation of other complications, and create good conditions for the complete cure of diabetic feet.

Diabetic foot muscle growth stage

After the first two stages of treatment of diabetic foot, the ulceration of the patient’s foot will obviously improve, including circulation The system will also be improved very well, and the infection will be significantly reduced. The next step is to carry out the myogenic stage of diabetic foot. Various means of muscle regeneration can be used to promote the growth of foot tissue, so that the wound can heal as soon as possible, and the ulcer wound can also be repaired by means of skin grafting.

During the entire treatment process, it is relatively important to choose drug treatment, and it is also necessary to help the treatment through diet adjustment, so that the effect will be better.

Control blood sugar

Through the above three stages of treatment, the diabetic foot has basically been cured. But you must control your blood sugar well, because diabetes complications, diabetic foot, means poor blood sugar control, which has caused serious damage to the microcirculation of the foot. At this time, blood sugar must be controlled. As long as the blood sugar can be controlled well, The probability of recurrence is relatively small.

Having diabetes is not terrible. As long as the blood sugar is well controlled, the occurrence of diabetic foot will be reduced. Blood sugar should be controlled through drug control, diet control, exercise control or insulin injection, so as to reduce the occurrence of complications.

Correspondent Wang Zhujun Qian Peng

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