Linzhi in summer, lacking peach blossoms, also has another kind of perfection

In the vast expanse of Tibet, the meaning of beauty is capricious and eclectic.

Everything in the snowy plateau is full of primitive, simple and willful meanings.

The mountains are sometimes desolate and steep, and occasionally green and intoxicating;

In today’s world where people and scenery are seriously distorted and modified, True beauty seems so precious.

The truth is like a light of life, which is openly exposed in the landscape of Linzhi.

People who are new to the snowy plateau can choose to fly to Nyingchi first The average altitude of the airport, Nyingchi area is about 2800, the water and grass are rich and the oxygen content is high, most people will not have altitude sickness.

Take Nyingchi as the starting point of the trip to Tibet, and gradually go higher, and it is easier to adapt to the discomfort caused by the trip to the plateau.

Nyingchi is currently only open to Chinese people, foreigners are not allowed to enter, The peerless beauty of Nyingchi belongs to the descendants of the Chinese nation.


The deep forest of Basongcuo< /p>

Burying the mysterious vicissitudes

Traveling in Tibet, when the car drives on the winding mountain road with twists and turns, I begin to expect and worry in my heart, and the anticipation is beautiful Peerless scenery, worrying about a round of vomiting with stomach rolling.

Ba Songcuo is such a paradise hidden in the mountains, Linzhi There is a proverb: There are thousands of beautiful scenery in the world, only Bassong does not show his face.

Walking through the winding road with cliffs on both sides, Basongcuoru The beauties who have been waiting for a long time to come out are amazing and amazed when the veil is lifted.

Most of the sacred lakes in Tibet lie in the abrupt In the wilderness, Ba Songcuo surrounded the lush virgin forest.

Basongcuo is also known as the three-color lake, the color of the lake changes with the angle and time, sometimes blue, sometimes blue, very magical.

The nearby mountains are green, the distant mountains are majestic, the mountain shadows overlap, the water color changes, Clouds and shadows fade away, and fish and birds fly.

People are outside the painting, just like outside the painting.

There is a small island in the center of the lake – Tashi Island .

The Cuozonggongba Temple on the island has a history of 1,500 years. The temple is dedicated to Guru Rinpoche of Tibetan Buddhism.

There is no incense, but there is another chic and delicate, the temple door is full of roses, fragrant.


Lulang’s Pastoral

Leisurely the call of the ancients

Leaving Basongcuo, we went to Lulang Forest.

In March, the Linzhi peach blossoms are in full bloom; img class=”content_title” height=”300″ layout=”responsive” sizes=”(min-width: 320px) 320px, 100vw” src=”×1294″ width=”600″>

The mountains and rivers are chasing each other along the way. The title of Jiangnan, but compared with Jiangnan, Linzhi is a little less graceful and elegant, and a little more bold and unrestrained.

Lulang Linhai is located in Lulang Town, Nyingchi area. It is warm and humid due to the influence of the Indian Ocean water and air belt flowing into the Brahmaputra Grand Canyon.

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Dawn and light rain, Lulang Linhai is bathed in the sea of ​​clouds, mountains and fog, the trees are green and the green grass is green.

The cattle and horses ate the grass leisurely, and the few houses in the distance were scattered with scattered snow, like the dwellings of immortals in the morning mist.

Heart, peaceful and tranquil, as if returning to the hometown after a long absence, The ancient call came from the surrounding snow-capped mountains.

When the morning fog dissipated, Xiaomo visited the Tibetans Home, all kinds of flowers are in full bloom, surround their residence, drink the fragrant butter tea.

My eyes, my mouth and my heart are full of sweetness…

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Yalung Zangbo Grand Canyon

Riveting with warm emotions

The Brahmaputra Grand Canyon is located in Medog County , 509.9 kilometers long, with an average depth of 5000 meters, is the world’s first Grand Canyon.

The Yarlung Zangbo River forms a big horseshoe-shaped bend at the foot of Nanga Bawa Peak , poured down the city along the east side of the Himalayas and poured into the Indian Ocean.

The car descends from an altitude of nearly 4000 meters, let Visitors experience climates ranging from alpine cold to mountain temperate, mountain subtropical, and mountain tropical in a matter of hours.

Nature is so magical. From the top of the mountain to the riverside, the vegetation has also changed from pine and cypress to cosmos, and Xiaomo’s clothes have also changed from down jackets to small vests.

The river surface of the Grand Canyon Mountain Scenic Spot is located at the big bend with scattered rocks , The river is clear and shallow, the water is particularly fast, and there are waterfalls rushing down from time to time, merging into the river.

The river flows and the tiger leaps and the wild flowers bloom.

Nature’s ingenious craftsmanship incorporates both majesty and wildness into the river valley.

Downstream of the big bend of the Yarlung Zangbo River, the water momentum slows down, and after years of scouring Precipitation has formed many small beaches on both sides of the river valley. The sand is as fine as dust, soft and slippery when you step on it, and a few yaks are walking along the beach.

Simple and elegant Tibetan dwellings are scattered along the beach.


Nanga Bawa Peak

Rushing with warm emotions

In the Tibetan classic “The Biography of King Gesar”, it is mentioned that a sacred mountain “like a spear, piercing the sky”, it is Nanga Bawa Peak, because it is covered with snow all year round and shrouded in clouds and mists, is said to have never been seen by ten people for a long time, so it is known as the “Shy Girl Peak”.

Xiao Mo pinpointed the time and was at the best viewing point in the canyon The coffee shop waited hard, and the emperor did not pay the conscientious person, and finally waited until the clouds cleared and the fog dispersed, and saw the legendary Nanga Bawa Peak.

Nanja Bawa Peak is majestic and majestic, with steep and high mountains It is craggy and steep, worthy of the title of “Father of Tibetan Mountains”.

And until the sunset is westward, under the sunlight, the sacred mountain radiates throughout the body With golden light, it forms the spectacle of “Rizhao Jinshan”, which is spectacular and miraculous like heaven.

Nature reveals so many miracles in the snowy plateau, how can people not be amazed and worshipped!


The richness of Linzhi


Stunning for discerning taste buds

People mention Tibet, but they rarely mention food, perhaps because Tibetan areas have been in poverty for a long time, and on the streets of Lhasa, there are more Sichuan dishes.

In Nyingchi, Xiaomo tasted traditional Tibetan food. The climate is good, the products are rich, and there are many kinds of ingredients. Although the cooking method is simple, the original flavor of the ingredients can be eaten.

hand-grabbing lamb

big chunks The mutton is cooked directly into the mouth, fresh, fragrant, tender and smooth.

The fat content of mutton is just right, which can stimulate the fresh taste of mutton without making people feel greasy.

Stone Pot Chicken

The Linzhi Mountain Forest Chickens are slaughtered to make chicken soup, which is simmered with wild mushrooms, radishes and other mountain forest ingredients.

The chicken soup is milky white after simmering, eat chicken Drinking soup while drinking is a realm of fairy-like happiness.

Tibetan fragrant pig

Free running in the mountains The small black pig is strong and lively, only one-fifth of the size of an ordinary pig, with firm meat and full of fat fragrance. Simply cooked is delicious.

ghee tea

every meal in the plateau Indispensable tea.

The taste of butter tea is different in each place, and the butter tea is sweeter at high altitudes. In Nyingchi, butter tea is more milky.

After drinking butter tea, enjoy the sunset by the riverside, cool breeze from Blowing from the direction of the mountain, Linzhi in summer has another kind of perfection without peach blossoms.

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