Liaocheng ushered in the strongest cold wave this winter! How to do security protection?

Shandong Provincial Department of Emergency Management issued emergency warning information: cold wave is coming, safety first. According to the forecast of the Provincial Meteorological Bureau, it is expected that from November 28 to 30, our province will experience strong Cooling, windy and rainy and snowy weather, the lowest temperature-12~-10℃, partial Area with heavy snow or blizzard.

The Provincial Emergency Department reminds you: Do a good job of wind, freezing, rain and snow protection, pay attention to anti-slip when going out, and use caution at home It is safe to use electricity and gas for fire. When using charcoal fires, coal stoves, and gas for heating, it is necessary to ventilate to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

Liaocheng Weather Forecast

Rain, wind, cold wave weather forecast< /span>

Affected by the combination of cold and warm air, it is expected that there will still be light rain tonight, and it will turn cloudy during the day tomorrow. From the 28th to the 30th, there was a cold wave weather process, the temperature dropped by about 15°C, and the lowest temperature was -8°C to -10°C, which appeared in the morning of the 30th; from the 28th to the 29th, the north wind was 4-5 during the day and the gust was 6-7.

The specific forecast is as follows:

It will be cloudy with light rain at night today, and it will turn cloudy during the day tomorrow. span>

29th: cloudy to cloudy, north wind 4~5 gust 6~7, -1~8℃ ;

30th: cloudy to sunny, north wind 3-4 to southerly 2-3, -8~-1℃.

Weather factors such as rain, snow and freezing in winter

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Source: New Media Center of Emergency Management Department of Shandong Province Xin, Liaocheng Emergency Management Bureau