Liaocheng issued a yellow warning for cold wave! The cold wave is coming, so do safe production

Liaocheng Meteorological Observatory will continue to issue a yellow cold wave warning signal at 15:00 on November 28, 2022: Affected by the strong cold air, it is expected that the city will have a northerly wind of magnitude 4-5 during the day from the night of the 28th to the daytime of the 29th and gusts of magnitude 6-7; the temperature will drop sharply , the cooling range was about 15°C, and the lowest temperature was -8°C to -10°C, which appeared on the morning of the 30th. During the critical period of epidemic prevention and control, there will be cold weather, please take personal protection and be careful of colds.

The specific forecast is as follows:

30th: sunny, north wind 2~3, -8~-1℃;

Day 1: Sunny to cloudy, south wind 2~3, -6~3℃.

Related prevention requirements

1. Governments at all levels and relevant municipal departments shall do a good job of preventing cold waves and strong winds according to their duties;

2. Citizens should pay attention to weather changes, pay attention to adding clothes to keep warm, and take good care of the old, weak and sick;

3. Production and operation units and farmers take effective measures to prevent cold waves and strong winds.

Sudden drop in temperature

Not only should we pay attention to cold protection and warmth

Production safety should not be ignored

Poke the picture below to learn

The cold wave is coming

How to do safe production?


Source: Emergency Management Department, Liaocheng Meteorological Bureau,Liaocheng Emergency Management