If you want to make the egg drop soup look like a “star hotel”, there are 3 tips when adding egg liquid

Eggs are a common ingredient in our dailylifeIt is not only nutritious but also edible A lot, in addition to frying, frying, steaming, and boiling, eggs are also irreplaceable ingredients for cooking soup. For example, tomato egg soup, seaweed egg soup, etc. These vegetable egg soups are simple and quick to make, but they are nutritious and taste good. For egg soup, first of all, you have to choose fresh eggs, which is an undoubted point.

The egg yolk is tight and the protein is sticky

Fresh eggs have a layer of powder on the surface Shaped substance, and the shell is relatively rough. The surface of stale eggs is smooth and shiny. Isn’t it a little emotional, beautiful ones are not good ingredients? Pick up an egg and put it on it, take a breath of hot air, smell it with your nose, if there is a smell of quicklime, it is fresh. Gently shaking in the ear, fresh and very strong, there is no rushing sound. Take an egg to a well-lit place and see that the light transmittance is very good, which means it is fresh. The last one is the most intuitive. Open an egg and pour it into a bowl, and find that the yolk is firm and the egg white is sticky. This is fresh.

The other is a few drops of sesame oil

I learned to choose fresh eggs, let’s see Take a look at the main points of making egg drop soup. When breaking up eggs, use chopsticks to point in one direction and keep stirring for more than two minutes until the egg liquid bubbles. If you want the egg soup to be smooth, fresh, tender and sweet, there are two things that must be added, one is an appropriate amount of water and the other is a few drops of sesame oil.

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Use potato starch for a brighter color

Master the ratio of eggs and soup, 1 catties The soup is combined with two to three eggs, and the egg soup with few egg flowers, can it arouse your appetite? A bowl of beautiful egg drop soup needs to be thickened. The egg drops in the soup without thickening will pile up and float on the surface, which is not good for presentation. The egg drop soup should be thickened before adding the egg liquid so that it will look thicker and more beautiful. It is best to use potato starch for a brighter color.

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Otherwise the egg drop is easy to get together

I want to make the egg drop soup a star There are three tips that are very important when adding egg liquid. Don’t pour the egg liquid into the pot vertically, use a spoon to pour the egg liquid into the pot so that the pieces of egg flower are bigger. After the egg liquid is poured into the pot, don’t stir it immediately and use the bottom of the spoon to gently stir the soup noodles after seeing the egg flower is basically shaped. When putting in the egg liquid, the action must be slow and steady, otherwise the egg flowers will easily get together.

< br/>When cooking egg drop soup, the heat should be changed. After thickening, use medium heat to boil the soup. After the soup boils, turn to low heat. When the soup gradually calms down, pour in the egg liquid. If it boils too hard, the egg flower will turn into fine powder, which is very ugly.