Li Qingzhao was drunk alone at night, and when she was alone, she wrote a poem, and every sentence hit the heart.

Li Qingzhao’s ci style is unique and his writing technique is also very clever, especially in expressing emotions, which is unmatched. For the song “One Cut Plum, Red Lotus Fragrant Residual Yu Mat Autumn”, this style of There are very few works, and only a talented woman like Li Qingzhao can create them. A lovesickness, two leisurely worries. There is no way to get rid of this feeling, so I lowered my brows, but raised my heart. These few words may seem bland, but as long as we scrutinize them carefully, isn’t that the case when we are in the seed of loneliness and miss our sweetheart in the distance? Just put it down, but it appeared on the brow immediately. This is also the most touching part of Li Qingzhao’s ci poems.

A large number of excellent poets actually emerged during the Song Dynasty, but Li Qingzhao was a On the other hand, her works pay more attention to the inner world of people, and her writing is more sincere and powerful. Often, it may be just so handy, but the sadness revealed between the lines can directly hit people’s hearts. A good piece of work can resonate with readers. There is no doubt that Li Qingzhao’s works have reached that level. There are countless poignant and beautiful lyrics, which are heartbreaking to read.

The author wants to share with you a very lonely piece of work by Li Qingzhao today, which is the song “V. Heartfelt Love: The Night Comes to Indulge and Remove Makeup Late”, although this poem is not very famous, it is very sincere and very sad. At that time, Li Qingzhao was drunk alone at night, and was very moved by loneliness. At this time, a talented woman Trapped to the south of the Yangtze River, he lived a life of no fixed place, without a single relative, and her husband Zhao Mingcheng also passed away. Later, her husband Zhang Ruzhou was a villain, which made Li Qingzhao’s life in his later years into trouble and lived a life of displacement. It also made her feel sad.

It’s too late to remove makeup. Plum calyx cuttings. The dream is far from a dream come true.

People are quiet, Yue Yiyi. The green curtain hangs. Move more residual core, more twist aftertaste, more time.

Li Qingzhao is extremely talented, her works are often just so handy, but the lines are full of sorrow , so that we can immediately feel the pain of her grief. In this poem, although she only describes ordinary things in daily life and ordinary scenery, each sentence is touching, and each sentence has the power to directly hit people’s hearts. It was because of being alone at night that she was too lonely, so she had to drink alcohol to drown her sorrows, but her sorrows made her more sorrowful, giving birth to more sadness and making her even more lonely.

The top film of the words directly describes the feelings at that time, as well as the pain of grief in the bones , such a way of description also makes this poem more infectious; it happened to be due to drinking a few more glasses of wine at night, so I was a little drunk, so I didn’t have time to remove my makeup. The plum blossoms bloomed beautifully. I broke a few branches and put them in the vase, but all of them withered. I slept for a while and then woke up, or because of the alcohol, maybe I was really drunk, and it made me have a dream, thinking that I had returned to my hometown, only to find out after waking up that I could not go back. .

The next part of the word is from the scene into the emotion, and then advances layer by layer, let the word It is even more sad, and it also describes the feeling of loneliness more deeply; there is no one, it seems very quiet, the moon outside is very bright, and a bright moon hangs high in the sky. The curtains are all down. This makes the flowers outside wither faster, but there is still the fragrance of flowers in the air, and at this time I am thinking of my hometown in the distance.

Li Qingzhao’s words are in their own way. In fact, there is no superb skill in the words, but it can impress us the most. She also describes with great emotional power. It is such a description that makes her works unique. Every sentence is very sad, and every sentence is also very sad. Although this poem has a history of more than a thousand years from us, it still makes people feel mixed when reading it, and it can best reflect the helplessness of talented women.