Yang Wanli’s poem chanting plum has no rare words and no allusions, but it is beautifully written throughout.

Yang Wanli, courtesy name Tingxiu, No. Chengzhai, a native of Jishui County, Ji’an, Jiangxi Province, a famous poet in the Southern Song Dynasty, also associated with Lu You, You Huan, Fan Chengda and others were collectively known as the “Four Great Masters of ZTE” and became one of the most representative poets of that era. And because Song Guangzong wrote the word “Chengzhai” for him, the world also called him “Mr. Chengzhai”. Yang Wanli’s poems are very rich, and there are about 4,000 works that have been handed down, many of which are excellent, and are also known as a generation of poets; his poems are easy to understand, the language is simple and clear, without any superb skills, people He also called his style of poetry “Chengzhai Style”, which had a profound impact on later generations.

In his early years, Yang Wanli was also deeply influenced by the “Jiangxi Poetry School”, but later he got rid of it. With this style of poetry, he gradually formed his own style, which is the “Chengzhai style” mentioned above. In fact, as a Jiangxi native, it is normal to be influenced by the “Jiangxi Poetry School”. At that time, many poets studied Du Fu and regarded him as their ancestor, so people also classified these people into this Poetry School. The most representative of them is Huang Tingjian, who is also the leader of this poetry school. Yang Wanli admires him very much, and is naturally influenced by him.

Yang Wanli, like the poets of that era, was in grief all his life. The North was occupied by the Jin Kingdom; these accomplished literati all hoped to recover the loss of the North, but the Southern Song Dynasty did not think so, and still lived a life of drunken life in the South, which also made countless literati grief. . Yang Wanli, as the main fighting faction, was attacked and excluded everywhere, and never had any chance. In his later years, he returned to his hometown and lived a reclusive life. During this period, he ushered in a creative peak in literature. , wrote countless classic masterpieces, among which this “Plum Blossom” is a rare masterpiece.

The flowers are so powerful in early spring, and the fragrance is cold and dawn is blowing.

The moon swayed across the water, and the snow brought into the bottle branches.

When it comes to chant plum poems, many people may think of Wang Anshi’s “Plum Blossom” for the first time. This poem is also the most representative and most artistically written. But in addition to this song, there is also Lin Fu’s “Shanyuan Xiaomei”, which is also very good. Well, although Yang Wanli’s poem on plum is not very famous, it is also very beautiful. Every sentence is full of poetry. There are only four short sentences in the whole article, a total of 20 words, but it is equally beautiful and intoxicating.

Plum blossoms bloom in early spring, with gorgeous flowers and a charming fragrance, Therefore, the world loves plum blossoms and regards plum blossoms as a symbol, representing a noble character; in early spring, the weather is actually very cold, the earth is still sleeping, and the outside is still covered in white, but at this time the plum blossoms are standing in the cold wind. , blooming to the fullest in the snowy weather.

Yang Wanli wrote about the unique character of plum blossoms at the beginning of this poem, as well as the uniqueness of plum blossoms. The plum blossoms in early spring bloom very beautifully, but helplessly, they have no strength, and they don’t seem to be. The spirit, even if scented, is blown away. These two lines express my inner sadness through plum blossoms, thus clarifying the theme and making the poem more appealing; then the last two lines express my heart directly, expressing my love for plum blossoms, in the moonlight. The plum blossoms are the most beautiful, it is reflected in the water and looks beautiful, bringing the snow into the vase, so that the plum blossoms look more gorgeous.

The most important reason why future generations will love Yang Wanli’s poems is that they are beautiful , is also very artistic, people can understand the meaning after reading it. The works of the ancients are often difficult to decipher, but Yang Wanli’s works do not have this obstacle. They are written very concisely, but he is very particular about his words. This is also the most praiseworthy part. It’s a very ordinary work, but it’s full of poetry everywhere, and it’s amazingly beautiful.