Let’s talk about E | Professor Li Jing: How to deal with the failure of biological valve?

Aortic valve bioprosthetics are increasingly widely used clinically, but over time, structural valve degeneration will cause the prosthetic valve to lose its original function, that is, valve failure. It has also become an important challenge for aortic valve replacement. In this regard, “Outpatient Clinic” specially invited the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong UniversityProfessor Li JingA brief overview of treatment strategies following bioprosthetic failureQ

post bioprosthetic replacement What are the clinical treatment options for bioprosthetic valve failure?

ABioprosthetic valve failure is a common clinical phenomenon, mainly due to the early use of some bioprosthetic valves, the durability of which is about Between 10 and 20 years, after reaching the service life, it will begin to show a manifestation of decay and aging, and patients will also have corresponding valve-related heart failure symptoms. At this time, our treatment plan is nothing more than two. The first is to re-implant a new valve inside the original artificial valve through interventional means, so as to avoid median chest opening. There will also be certain problems, that is, the new valve model must be smaller than the original artificial valve. In order to solve the whole problem, many bioengineers have carried out a lot of research and design on this, and designed the current clinical use with better durability, a mission life of 20 to 30 years, and a new expandable valve. The dry valve of the stent is used to facilitate the re-expansion of the annulus during the second intervention of the patient. However, when a patient with a biological valve implanted in the past develops endocardial infection, interventional treatment cannot be performed again. At this time, only the second traditional median thoracotomy can be considered for surgery. After the original decayed or infected valve is removed, the A new valve is implanted in the body for treatment. All in all, for patients with failure after bioprosthetic replacement, in terms of surgical conditions, interventional therapy or surgical re-thoracotomy can be managed.

Li JingXi’an Jiaotong University First Affiliated Hospital, Attending PhysicianMember of the Cardiovascular Surgery Branch of Xi’an Medical AssociationShaanxi Province Member of the Extracorporeal Life Support Branch of the Health Promotion and Education Association Member of the Cardiopulmonary Health Branch of the Shaanxi Provincial Health Promotion and Education Association Surgical treatment of heart valve and composite surgery, total arterialization and mechanical adjuvant treatment of coronary heart disease.

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