Lemon “Curry Baked Wings”, the skin is crispy and fragrant, and the inside is very “fresh, fragrant and smooth”

Gourmets are people who love food, using an image metaphor and a unique yearning and pursuit for food. It seems ironic that food is only a small part. Today I’m back to share the food with you again.

I feel very hungry

It has been since I returned home from the holiday It’s been more than a month, and I don’t know if my friends who have been staying at home for a long time have gotten tired of eating their own dishes, or if they still have something to eat, it’s okay to eat for another month. Although I am not tired of eating, but because I have been staying at home, I can’t go to the barbecue restaurant outside, eat a little barbecue, or eat some “junk food” such as spicy soup, I feel very greedy, and I always want to eat something to satisfy my hunger. mouth addiction.

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Lemon Curry Baked Wings

So I recently made a lemon curry grilled wings in the oven, The skin of this grilled wing is crispy and fragrant, but the inside is very delicious and tender. After eating, my son said that it is more fragrant than the barbecue outside, so he fell in love with this lemon curry grilled wing, and asked me to make it for him every now and then. I also enjoyed eating very much and gnawed all the chicken bones of the grilled wings, so I am also very happy to do it.

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The taste is very good

This delicious lemon curry grilled wings is actually quite simple. Even if you are a novice in the kitchen, you can learn it easily. Let me talk about the detailed method of this grilled wings, friends who are greedy or want to eat it, you might as well try it and eat it, the taste is very good.

Draw two or three knives respectively

Lemon curry grilled wings, required ingredients, chicken 6 medium wings, 1 pack of lemon curry grilled wings seasoning, cooking method, prepare all the ingredients needed for lemon curry grilled wings. Put the frozen chicken wings in water to thaw and clean them, and then cut two or three knives on both sides of the chicken wings. The scratches will make it easier to taste when marinating later.

Prepare a clean large bowl and add an appropriate amount of water, then pour the lemon curry grilled wing seasoning into the bowl, stir evenly with chopsticks to make the seasoning and water evenly blend into a seasoning sauce. Put the chicken wings in a bowl, mix them with the lemon curry grilled wings seasoning sauce and marinate evenly for 15 minutes, put a piece of tin foil in the oven to prevent the seasoning sauce of the chicken wings, and the chicken wings will leak oil into the oven during the roasting process Dirty ovens are not easy to clean. Put the marinated chicken wings on the grill and put them in the oven. Adjust the temperature to 220 degrees and bake for about 10 minutes. The lemon curry grilled wings are ready. Baked wings with lemon curry, the curry flavor will not be too strong, and with the fragrance of lemon, it will not be easy to get greasy, and the method is as simple as Orleans grilled wings.