The recognized fat killer-jumping rope, insist on 10 minutes a day, what are the consequences?

Many people choose to start their fitness with running, because the threshold is relatively low, and they only need a pair of sports shoes to run. However, as the weather gets colder, fewer people run.

Especially people who run outdoors are easily affected by the weather and temperature. Therefore, there are more people running in summer, but fewer people running in winter.

The exercise I want to recommend today is rope skipping. Compared with running, rope skipping is not affected by the weather, and does not require a large space. It only needs a small area to jump up and achieve the effect of fat burning and shaping.

We have learned the sport of skipping rope since we were young, but only after we grow up do we know that skipping rope is a recognized fat killer in the fitness industry, and skipping rope for 10 minutes each time is equivalent to jogging For half an hour, it has short-term and high-efficiency effects.


There are various ways to exercise rope skipping, you can play with multiple people or Play alone, you can jump on one leg, you can jump forward and backward, it is more interesting and easier to stick to.

Rope skipping has the characteristics of high interval training, which is the combination of anaerobic and aerobic exercise, which can not only promote the decomposition of fat, but also exercise muscles and effectively prevent muscle loss. Helps create a firmer body line. After skipping rope every time, the body will be at a high metabolic level and continue to consume calories, which will help build a lean physique.

In order to challenge the weight loss effect of rope skipping, a little brother started a 10-week rope skipping challenge and insisted on skipping rope for 10 minutes every day.

At the beginning, his weight was 142 catties, and his body fat rate was 19.4%. After insisting on rope skipping for 10 weeks, the body fat rate dropped to 14.9%, and the weight also dropped from 142 catties to 132 catties, losing 10 catties of weight.

After 10 weeks of rope skipping experience, my biggest feeling is: My own vitality value has improved Yes, physical stamina has improved. When I first started skipping rope, I couldn’t last long. After 10 weeks, I became more flexible and proficient in skipping rope. I can skip rope for 4-5 minutes at a time, and I feel more energetic.

So, if a novice wants to start skipping, how can he jump with the highest efficiency? Pay attention to these points:

First of all, we must pay attention to the correct posture, don’t hunch your chest, keep your arms close to your body, hold The rope, let the wrist rotate the rope to jump up, and gradually increase the frequency.

Secondly, Do not jump too high with your feet, let the toes leave the ground, the rope just passes through the soles of your feet, keep the front The soles of the feet land on the ground and the knees are slightly bent, which can reduce the pressure on the joints.

Novices cannot jump for too long at one time. It is recommended that you jump for 1-2 minutes each time and rest for about 1 minute , repeat multiple groups, skipping rope for about 10 minutes in total, you can quickly increase your heart rate and let your body enter a fat-burning state.

Finally, note that not everyone is suitable for rope skipping training. People with a body fat percentage greater than 30%, people with too much weight base, and people with three high diseases should not choose rope skipping, because the intensity is relatively high, It is easy to damage the joints and the heart rate increases too fast, so choose carefully.

People with a large base should choose brisk walking, Tai Chi, square dancing, swimming and other sports that are less harmful to joints. Patients with three highs should follow the doctor’s advice and should not train blindly.