How to fight the speed of aging? Develop these self-discipline habits to keep you frozen

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The aging of the human body is traceable. As we grow older, our muscles will begin to lose, our basal metabolic value will decline, and the functions of all aspects of the body will begin to increase If you are not as good as before, you will easily gain weight, and your body will begin to enter a state of aging.

How to resist the speed of aging and maintain the state of frozen age? We need to develop some good living habits and stay away from bad habits in life, so as to slow down the speed of aging and make you age slower than your peers.

Usual development of these behavioral habits can make you not look old and look younger!

The first behavior, adjust your diet< /strong>

One’s diet will affect one’s own health and body problems. If you usually eat all kinds of barbecue, hot pot, and spicy soup, you usually eat a lot Do not avoid food, calories are easy to be surplus, the body is easy to gain weight, and it is easy to induce various health problems, such as gastrointestinal diseases and cardiovascular diseases.

To maintain a youthful body and slow down aging, we need to learn to eat healthy, stay away from all kinds of over-processed, high-calorie, and unhealthy foods, and cook three meals by ourselves. Eat a light diet, eat more high-fiber vegetables, with appropriate amount of meat, egg, milk and staple food.

At ordinary times, you should eat 80% full of food and not eat enough to support yourself. This can not only control calorie intake, but also strengthen the burden on the body, so that the body can run more efficiently .

The second behavior is to develop the habit of exercising

No matter what age people are, they should participate in more exercising. Active metabolism, strengthen immunity, resist the invasion of diseases.

We should avoid sitting for a long time, usually use trivial time to move, and the daily walking value should not be less than 6000 steps, so as to stay away from sub-health diseases.

People who usually lack exercise can start with low-intensity exercises such as brisk walking, jogging, and square dancing. People after the age of 30 should pay attention to strength training and do more Compound movements such as squats, push-ups, and pull-ups can prevent muscle loss, maintain a strong basal metabolic rate, and reduce the chance of gaining weight.

The third behavior, do not stay up late, early Go to bed early to get younger

Nowadays many people are used to staying up late, going to bed at one or two every day, and getting up early the next morning, which can easily lead to energy loss during the day In poor condition, the secretion of growth hormone is inhibited, which is not conducive to weight loss.

If you can insist on going to bed early for a period of time, you will find that you will have more energy during the day, more energy, and faster weight loss.

The fourth behavior, quit visible sugar

Sweets are a big killer of health. If you like to eat sweets, all kinds of chocolate, biscuits, ice cream, cola, and milk tea will accelerate the oxidation speed of the skin, and you are prone to acne, skin Roughness is not conducive to maintaining a youthful state.

Usually we should eat less or not eat all kinds of sugary foods. In terms of staple food, we can eat less fine staple food and eat some coarse grains appropriately , such as brown rice, oats and other foods, can control the blood sugar level and promote intestinal peristalsis. Stick to sugar control for a period of time, your skin will gradually improve, and obesity problems will also improve!

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