Learn these 5 methods, diabetic patients can eat delicious food in restaurants, and their blood sugar will not rise

Many people with diabetes have the experience that every time you eat out, your blood sugar will rise, and it will take two or three days to stabilize. In order to prevent blood sugar from rising, even if you see the food you especially want to eat, you are afraid to eat it.

Today I will share with you 5 methods that can help you solve the trouble of eating out of your blood sugar exceeding the standard.

1. The amount of meat and vegetable dishes is quite

1 The number of vegetarian dishes should not be less than the number of meat dishes.You can use soy products instead of meat dishes. Use dark-colored vegetables as Good, at least one plate of leafy greens.

meat dishes as much as possiblelean meat dishes, less or no choice Such as pig brain, fat intestines, fatty meat and other high-fat foods.

All kinds of dishes are based on the principle of “steaming but not stewing, and stewing but not frying”.

and tell the kitchen less sugar and less salt .

2. Choose coarse grains as the staple food

Because of the various pasta in the restaurant It is easy to add oil, sugar and other auxiliary materials, and it is recommended to choose coarse grains as staple food.

Coarse grains are rich in dietary fiber, which can delay the absorption of glucose, enhance satiety, and have the effect of regulating fat and losing weight, such asBuckwheat Grilled Cake, Steamed Corn, Multigrain Rice, Sweet Potato, Yam, etc.

3.Never get drunk< /span>

Hippocrates, the famous father of medicine, said: One glass of wine is health, two glasses of wine is happiness, three glasses of wine Alcohol is an indulgence.

It is best for people with diabetes not to drink alcohol. In order not to disappoint everyone, you can choose a small amount of red wine (preferably dry red), beer, rice wine and other low-alcohol wines, but you should reduce the corresponding calorie staple food.

If possible, it is best to chooseplain water, or Choose green tea (no sugar), black tea (no sugar), buckwheat tea, soy milk and other healthy drinks.

4. Put the dish on a plate and taste it slowly strong>

If you accidentally eat out, you will eat too much, causing your blood sugar to rise.

In order to prevent overeating, diabetic patients can according to their usual meal size, put various foods first Taste slowly when on a plate. Eating swiftly and tastefully.

This way you can have a full meal without overeating.

5. Eat vegetables first< /span>

Eat vegetables first and then eat other foods, can act as a fiber wrap and better prevent postprandial blood sugar rise.

In order to take care of everyone’s taste, if the content of oil and salt in the dish is relatively high, you can by dipping in water Remove part of the amount of grease and salt.

Summary: Eat as many vegetables, beans, soy products, lean meats and whole grains as much as possible when dining out , Eat less greasy dishes, the total calorie intake of such a meal will not be too outrageous, and blood sugar will be easier to control.

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Author: ysy