Bitterness in summer is better than tonic, these 4 kinds of bitter vegetables are most suitable for summer, the more you eat, the healthier

According to the classification of taste, food is divided into sour, sweet, bitter, spicy and salty, and the most unacceptable is bitter. As the saying goes: good medicine is good for disease, and the same is true for bitter food. Most bitter foods are of a cooling nature. If eaten properly in summer, it not only clears away heat and detoxifies, but also has the functions of relieving summer heat, relieving dryness, clearing the heart and invigorating the brain, relieving irritability and restlessness. Some bitter foods have extremely high nutritional value and can protect multiple systems and help reduce Risk of developing a certain disease, especially recommended to eat the following bitter foods.

Which bitter foods should be eaten in summer?

1. Kudingcha

In addition to drinking more boiled water in summer, you can also drink 2~3 times a day A cup of Kuding tea has the effect of health care, which can refresh the mind, remove irritability and improve eyesight. Studies have shown that drinking Kuding tea properly can reduce the three highs, because Kuding tea can promote vasodilation, help reduce triglyceride and bad cholesterol levels, and can also help reduce blood glucose levels and reduce blood flow resistance, thereby reducing three levels. High; drinking Kudingcha can also prevent atherosclerosis and prevent cardiovascular disease.

Kuding tea is often used in health food, but there is not enough evidence to prove whether the active ingredients can be dissolved and whether it has the effect of treating diseases, so we cannot rely on drinking Kuding tea. To treat cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, only as an auxiliary means.

2, Kuju

Bitter chrysanthemum contains amino acids needed by the human body, especially glutamic acid and arginine. In addition, bitter chrysanthemum is also rich in plant protein, mainly concentrated in young leaves; bitter chrysanthemum also contains bitter chrysanthemum polysaccharides, which can help lower blood sugar and blood lipid levels; bitter chrysanthemum also Contains a large amount of dietary fiber, although it cannot be absorbed after entering the body, it can provide power fluid for gastrointestinal peristalsis, reduce cholesterol absorption, and promote fat excretion.

In addition, bitter chrysanthemum is a high-calcium vegetable, but blanch it in water for a few seconds before eating to improve calcium absorption and utilization. In addition, bitter chrysanthemum contains alkaloids, which improve liver metabolism and decomposition ability, and inhibit the accumulation of fat around the liver.

3, lettuce

The bitter taste of lettuce can be accepted by people and has the effect of relieving summer heat and relieving dryness. Lettuce not only contains a variety of vitamins, but also contains minerals, which provide the body with the necessary nutrients and enhance resistance. In addition, lettuce is a typical high-potassium and low-sodium vegetable, which can help regulate electrolyte balance and promote the excretion of excess sodium with the urine, thereby helping to lower blood pressure. In addition, lettuce leaves are also treasures, which contain biologically active substances that can dilate blood vessels, reduce blood flow resistance, help lower blood pressure, and prevent thrombosis.

4. Bitter gourd

The reason why bitter gourd is bitter is mainly due to the Momordica charantia and Mogrosides. Bitter melon has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, especially suitable for summer consumption, can relieve irritability; bitter melon also contains vitamins and minerals, relieve fatigue caused by excessive sweating, and can improve resistance at the same time. Experiments on animals and in vitro have been done, and bitter gourd extract can reduce blood sugar and blood lipids, but it cannot replace hypoglycemic drugs.

Message from the doctor

Choose the right one according to your preferences The bitter taste of food, but not greedy, eat about 100~150 grams. It is worth noting that generally bitter foods are cold in nature. People with spleen and stomach deficiency, women in menstrual period, and people who eat cold foods are prone to diarrhea.

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