Laohu Town, Dongping County: Public security insurance supports the “safety umbrella”

Recently, a red pennant presented by the Yangcun Village Committee of Laohu Town, Dongping County to China Life Insurance Dongping Branch was wrapped in warmth in the cold wind. Relieve the worries of the people, be brave to take responsibility, and settle claims quickly”, the 16 bright characters represent the heart of the people and social responsibility.

Hou Qingjian, Yang Village, Laohu Township, had a traffic accident on the way to send his children to school in July this year. Both father and son were injured and were hospitalized for treatment , spent all the savings in the family. The house leak happened to rain all night, and unfortunately the house caught fire in October, and all the belongings in the house were reduced to ashes, which made the already impoverished family worse. Faced with this sudden disaster, Hou Qingjian was at a loss and cried. Fortunately, Hou Qingjian paid 20 yuan this year to participate in the rural “security insurance”. After receiving the report, Dongping Branch of China Life Property & Casualty Insurance, accompanied by the staff of the Laohu Town Comprehensive Management Office, rushed to the scene to investigate and collect evidence, and paid the claim within 3 working days.

20 yuan is insignificant, but if rural residents can use this 20 If you buy rural public security insurance with RMB 10,000, you can get up to RMB 30,000 in compensation once losses are caused by disasters or accidents. China Life Property & Casualty Insurance has given full play to the compensation function of insurance, and has rescued the affected villagers in Laohu Town many times. It is fast, timely and efficient, and has been well received by the masses. It has become a livelihood project that the masses are satisfied with and the government can trust. Spending a little “small money” at ordinary times can help “a big help” in times of difficulty, and rural public security insurance supports the “safety umbrella” for the masses.

Rural “security insurance” is the political and legal committee, comprehensive management office A project to benefit the people launched by the insurance company, is a comprehensive family property insurance, which is an effective way to minimize the property losses of rural residents caused by burglary, theft of livestock and agricultural machinery, and destruction of orchards. measure. Based on the working principles of “the masses are voluntary” and “whoever contributes will benefit”, Laohu Town has vigorously publicized and actively promoted it through the grid members of each village. At present, the villagers’ acceptance is getting higher and higher. “I want to pay.” Since the work started this year, more than 9,000 households in Laohu Town have participated in the “public security insurance”, with an insurance coverage rate of over 45%.

In the next step, Laohu Town will continue to promote the participation of the insurance industry in Ping An Construction, focusing on the safety of Laohu and the rule of law in Laohu, combined with the “I do practical things for the masses” activities, make every effort to protect the property safety of the broad masses of the people, and hold up a “safety umbrella” for the broad masses of the people in Laohu Town. (Correspondent Ji Xiaojun)