[Anti-drug case] The woman died the night she was discharged from the hospital after giving birth. The cause of death was related to two men in the bar. …

Source: Zhuhai Anti-drug

23-year-old young mother Rebecca during pregnancy

Detoxified from drugs and alcohol, successfully gave birth to a baby boy

But on the night of discharge from the hospital because of smoking CocaineDeath

Her sister-in-law stood in court to testify

Rebecca went to the bar after being discharged from the hospital

2 men offered her drugs….

According to the “Daily Mail” report, Pamela (Rebecca’s 31-year-old sister-in-law) in North Lanakeshire, England, stated that Rebecca abstained from alcohol and did not take drugs during her pregnancy. After giving birth to a baby boy, he spent some time recuperating in the hospital. On the night she was discharged from hospital, she and Rebecca went to a pub in Motherwell, North Lanakeshire, where they were offered a drink or two after they were seated.

Rebecca later asked if they had “something” and Pamela said, “I totally understood her, She was asking if they had Cocaine.” Rebecca later started smoking after receiving a small bag from the man in the toilet.

Pamela said that when she returned to her residence, Rebecca took some drugs in the house , “No matter how much I told her, she couldn’t listen… I told her to stop because ‘you don’t need this’.”Rebecca was already shaking and looked cold, I also saw bleeding from the mouth, which may have been bitten on my own tongue. Although Pamela kept yelling at her, asking her to hold on, and the rescuers arrived quickly, there was still no way to recover in the end. Rebecca finally He died inside the house in the early hours of the previous night, leaving behind a son who was less than one month old.

People who often pay attention to “Zhuhai anti-drug”

may have taken ancient drugs for Rebecca Cocaine is no stranger

Cocaine generally refers to < span>Cocaine

What is cocaine< /p>

Cocaine, also known as cocaine, is the first natural organism discovered by humanswith local anesthetic effect Alkaline, is extracted from the leaves of the plant “Coca”. It is a long-acting ester local anesthetic with high fat solubility and strong penetrating power. It has good affinity to nerve tissue and can produce good surface anesthesia.

Cocaine produces excitatory effects on the central nervous system, is an important cause of abuse. In the early stage of excitement, the abuser feels euphoric, complacent and talkative.

Excessive use of cocaine can cause Tremor, dizziness, muscle cramps, agitation, persecution, headache, cold sweat, pale complexion, weak and rapid pulse, nausea, vomiting, coma< /strong> and other adverse reactions.

Long-term use of cocaine will cause Nervousness, excitement, extreme agitation, heightened sensitivity, mood swings, inability to sleep, impotence, heightened reflexes, decreased appetite, mental confusion, exhaustion.

In large doses Cocaine can inhibit the heart muscle, causing heart failure, and severely inhibiting the respiratory center of the brain, leading to insanity , shallow and irregular breathing, convulsions, convulsions, and loss of consciousness, leading to death.

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Drugs are not child’s play, don’t take the first sip!

If drug-related behavior is found

Please call 110 in time!